Maryland Drug Distribution Lawyer

The distribution of controlled substances is a serious felony offense. A Maryland drug distribution lawyer should be consulted if you have been accused of distributing narcotics or of intent to distribute. Your Maryland drug attorney will help you to understand what a prosecutor must prove to secure a conviction and will provide assistance in developing a strategic response to charges.

How Can a Drug Distribution Lawyer in Maryland Help You?

In Maryland, just being in possession of drugs can result in criminal charges for intent to distribute if there are sufficient quantities of controlled substance allegedly in your possession. A prosecutor is going to need to show that you distributed the drugs, or that the quantities you had under your control were large enough to suggest intent to distribute.

You do not have to prove you are innocent. If your drug distribution lawyer in Maryland is able to help you introduce defenses, suppress evidence, or present an alternative theory of the case, you can introduce reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt means a not guilty verdict in the U.S. legal system.

A Maryland drug distribution lawyer will look carefully at the circumstances of your arrest and the evidence the prosecutor plans to use. When possible, your attorney can file a motion to prevent the prosecutor from using evidence if your Fourth Amendment rights were violated in its collection. Your attorney can ask the court to drop the charges, can make legal arguments for you during a trial if you plead not guilty, or can help you to negotiate a plea agreement. It may be possible to reduce charges and/or penalties with a plea agreement, or even to avoid prosecution if you are willing to make a deal to provide evidence for a prosecutor to pursue other cases.

Because every case is different, a defendant charged with drug distribution should speak with a Maryland drug distribution attorney about crafting a strategic and smart response to charges. With help from a knowledgeable legal advocate, you can try to choose the course of action most likely to result in no penalties or reduced penalties.

Maryland Laws on Drug Distribution

Maryland has strict laws prohibiting drug distribution. A defendant can be charged with distribution of controlled substances under Maryland Criminal Code Section 5-602. This Code Section prohibits a defendant from manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing controlled substances. The same statue also defines distribution to include having a dangerous substance in “sufficient” quantities such that the volume of the substance suggests intent to distribute.

Because a defendant does not actually have to make any moves to distribute the drug, many people end up facing felony criminal charges just because prosecutors claim they had larger volumes of substances than a person would have for typical personal use. The penalties are much more serious for distribution than for simple possession, so the consequences of being accused of having a “sufficient quantity” of a controlled substance can be profound.  While every drug charge is a serious one, it is especially essential to fight charges of drug distribution.

Contact a Maryland Drug Distribution Lawyer

When facing accusations of drug distribution, reach out to an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest.  Your attorney will be there for you from arraignment until your involvement with the criminal justice system has come to an end, and your Maryland drug distribution lawyer will fight to protect your rights and try to keep you out of the prison system.