Maryland Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Maryland defines a drug kingpin to include someone conspiring to manufacture, distribute, dispense, transport, or traffic controlled substances. Drug kingpins can face felony criminal charges. Other Maryland laws also impose penalties for people with alleged involvement in drug offenses. A Maryland drug conspiracy lawyer can provide representation to those who are charged with drug crimes under conspiracy laws. Therefore if accused, get in touch with a drug lawyer in Maryland today to discuss your case and determine how to proceed.

Benefits of a Maryland Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Under Maryland law, a conspiracy occurs whenever two or more parties create an agreement or plan to violate state laws. There is no requirement that actual criminal conduct occur. As soon as any co-conspirator takes steps to violate the law, criminal charges can follow for all parties involved in the conspiracy.

A Maryland drug conspiracy lawyer provides representation to anyone accused of any type of conspiracy related to controlled substances. Whether a defendant is charged with conspiring to manufacture, distribute, or transport controlled substances, an attorney can help to explore ways to respond to the serious accusations being made.

An attorney with experience in drug crimes cases can help defendants to try to prevent prosecutors from using illegally obtained evidence, and can try to get charges dropped if there is insufficient proof a conspiracy actually took place. An attorney can also provide assistance to defendants who wish to plead not guilty. With extensive experience in a courtroom, your Maryland drug conspiracy lawyer can help to make arguments that may make the jury doubt your guilt.

There may also be ways to avoid court altogether, including getting an immunity deal by testifying against co-conspirators, or negotiating a favorable plea deal that allows reduced penalties. Your attorney can advise you on all of your options and help you to determine what course of action may be right given the evidence against you as well as the nature of the charges you face.

Drug Conspiracy Laws in Maryland

Under Maryland law, individuals involved with a conspiracy to commit a drug offense may sometimes be classified as a drug kingpin under Maryland Criminal Code Section 5-613.

A drug kingpin is defined by law as an “organizer, supervisor, financier, or manager” who conspires with others to commit various drug offenses including manufacturing or distributing controlled substances. If prosecutors believe a defendant played a lead role in the conspiracy, the penalty may include between 20 and 40 years imprisonment without the possibility of parole, and may include a fine of up to $1 million.  Being charged as a drug kingpin in a conspiracy is one of the most serious drug offenses a defendant can be accused of committing.

The Maryland criminal code also imposes penalties for co-conspirators in drug crimes under other sections of the criminal code. For example, under Maryland Code Section 5-608, a second offense of conspiracy to commit various drug crimes can result in a minimum prison sentence of 10 years and a fine of $100,000.

Because conspiracy can result in felony charges and jail time, defendants must take these charges seriously. This means contacting a legal professional for help as soon as possible when arrested or after being questioned for involvement with a conspiracy.

Contact a Maryland Drug Conspiracy Attorney

A Maryland drug conspiracy lawyer can help defendants accused of acting as kingpins or can provide assistance to defendants charged with other drug conspiracy crimes. Call as soon as possible to schedule a consultation to learn more about how an experienced attorney can help.