Maryland Volume Dealers Lawyer

Maryland drug laws constitute a distinction in the law that is beyond possession with intent and possession with intent to distribute offenses. In between that and Kingpin charges includes volume dealer charges. Volume dealing refers to how much of a drug a person distributed, manufactured, sold, or possessed. If charges escalate to volume dealer, contact an experienced Maryland volume dealer lawyer immediately to mitigate damage.

Volume Dealer Charges

Determining the facts of how a particular substance is being manufactured, possessed, sold, or distributed in any way is important. They can aggregate all the amounts of the different drugs as well as everything within a 90-day window of time that they have been watching or investigating. If a person is found guilty of being a volume dealer, there is a penalty enhancement that carries a mandatory minimum of five years and fine of $100,000, as well as enhancement penalties and additional penalties on the primary of manufacture, distribution, and possession. Not only does a possession with the intent to distribute charge hit a person, but they can get harsher sentences with this and get them on two charges. It is a very serious charge, like the drug kingpin charges.

For marijuana, anything over 50 pounds and for cocaine, 448 grams or more could warrant attention. For something that is mixed with cocaine, it is still in that window. Crack cocaine’s threshold is 50 grams. Opium is 28 grams along with the mixture of opium morphine isomers. LSD’s threshold is 1,000 dosage units. LSD is very distinctly different in terms of what a dosage unit is and how it is stored. Anything mixed with LSD or with PCP that has 16 or more ounces in its liquid form or a mixture is greater than 448 grams. That includes methamphetamines as well as the mix of methamphetamines. When these numbers are being reached, they are going to go after volume dealing and will probably try to prosecute as drug kingpin charges, as well. They are not common in Maryland, however, some of the bigger cases are taken by feds. It has a unique signature within what they find to show that a person is importing, exporting, and moving between multiple states. If this scenario occurs, contacting an established volume dealer attorney in Maryland is essential.

Volume dealer cases are investigated differently than simple possession. They watching, looking, waiting and assessing what a person has and how long they have had it, what they are doing it with it, where it is moving, and what is being moved. They are watching them over a period of time. There is not a set window within it; they can prosecute the person on the whole of their acts, not just individual acts. Because of the culmination of crimes, reaching out to a seasoned Maryland volume dealer attorney is imperative.

Continuing Criminal Enterprise Classification

Continuing Criminal Enterprise Classification means the person is part of a greater enterprise of dealers and that what they are doing is continue to import and move drugs at a high rate. In those particular instances, they are watching the larger picture.

How an Experienced Lawyer Can Help

The Federal Government can assume a case at the lowest volume. It depends, but if the feds see a lot of volume and they choose to come in when they see it is coming in between multiple states and where there is a larger enterprise or great amount of cash that could be found with it, they typically choose to assume the case. The drugs may very well play a role and they would look at certain elements to see if anything is moving. If everything is contained within the state of Maryland, it is still in the state of Maryland. The feds do not need to play a role. In this case, calling a dedicated Maryland volume dealer lawyer can greatly improve chances in their case.