Maryland Possession With Intent Lawyer

Possession with intent to distribute (PWID) is a serious criminal charge. A Maryland possession with intent lawyer can provide you with advice on how to respond if you are accused of this felony offense.  Your MD PWID attorney will help you to argue against conviction or fight to get charges dropped. Call and schedule a consultation with a Maryland drug lawyer today to learn more.

Reasons to Work with a Maryland Possession with Intent Attorney

Maryland has many prohibitions related to controlled substances found within the state’s criminal code. Some defendants are charged with simple possession for having drugs under their control, but others face the more serious charges of possession with intent.

PWID Charges

Possession with intent to distribute charges are brought against you if law enforcement and prosecutors believe you had drugs on you that you intended to distribute or sell.  However, no actual evidence of intent to sell is required. Simply having sufficient quantities of controlled substances on you to “reasonably” indicate intent to distribute the substances can result in felony charges.

Defending against Possession with Intent Charges

A Maryland possession with intent lawyer can work to try to raise doubts about whether the quantity of drugs found under your control was actually large enough to suggest intent to distribute. Your attorney can also try to raise other defenses including arguing the drugs were not under your control, or can help you try to get evidence of drug possession suppressed if you or your home or car was subject to an unlawful search without a warrant or reasonable cause.

There are many ways to approach charges of possession with intent, and you should have a lawyer help you to develop a legal strategy that is aimed at keeping you out of prison or helping you to avoid the most serious penalties that could come with conviction.

Maryland Laws on Possession with Intent to Distribute

Maryland Criminal Code Section 5-602 makes it a crime to distribute, or possess with intent to distribute, a controlled or dangerous substance. There are two circumstances under which a defendant may be charged with a crime under Code Section 5-602:

  • For distributing or dispensing a controlled substance.
  • For possessing a controlled substance in “sufficient quantity reasonably to indicate under all circumstances an intent to distribute or dispense a controlled dangerous substance.”

Code Section 5-607 establishes the penalties for a defendant convicted under Section 5-602.  A defendant will be faced with felony charges and, if convicted, could face a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and a maximum fine of $15,000 for a first offense. A second conviction for the same offense is going to result in a mandatory minimum sentence of two years’ incarceration that cannot be suspended.

A defendant may sometimes plea down to a lesser offense, or a prosecutor may recommend reduced penalties in exchange for the admission of guilt. If you do not wish to try to fight against the charges, a Maryland lawyer with experience in drug possession cases can help you to try to negotiate a favorable plea deal.

Contact a Maryland Possession with Intent Lawyer

A Maryland possession with intent lawyer will work hard to help you explore all options for responding to felony criminal charges so you can try to avoid a conviction or reduce the possible consequences.  To learn more, contact an attorney for help today.