Maryland Criminal Witness Lawyer

Criminal Witness Lawyer in MarylandIn most criminal cases, the prosecutors and defense attorneys call witnesses to the stand. If you’re one of them, you might want to speak with an experienced Maryland criminal witness lawyer. An attorney can help walk you through the process, help alleviate some of your fears, and encourage you to stand by your testimony with confidence.

Have you been handed a subpoena to testify in a Maryland criminal case? A subpoena is a summons to produce documentation or to appear in court to testify. Essentially, a subpoena is a court order, and failure to do as “ordered” can lead to charges against you.

Common Fears of Criminal Witnesses

We understand you have fears, and we know there are risks involved in testifying in any criminal case. These risks can include the risk of:

  • Incriminating yourself by saying or revealing something that may result in charges brought against you
  • Retaliation or intimidation from the defendant(s)
  • Ruining your reputation or the reputation of your family
  • Having the defense or prosecution discredit you
  • Being charged with perjury when innocent mistakes in your testimony produce different variations of the story
  • Being accused of obstruction if you refuse to answer questions for fear of retribution, defamation, or charges of perjury

There are risks, but consider how your testimony can help bring justice or closure to others. Also, remember, with a local criminal witness attorney on your side, you have the support you need to step forward and do what’s right. If you choose to testify, you may enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you helped convict a criminal or bring justice to someone who has been wrongly accused or to families who’ve suffered because of the actions of another.

Should I Contact a Lawyer?

If you choose to testify in a criminal case for either the defense or prosecution, there are several ways a Maryland lawyer may be able to help you. These include:

  • Explaining the law as it pertains to your particular criminal case
  • Explaining your Fifth Amendment rights as a witness
  • Guide you through the testimony process (witness prep, being called to the stand, and swearing in)
  • Prepare you for testifying by advising you on which questions to answer or not answer without obstructing the case
  • Review their questions with you, and give an overview of the questions the opposing counsel might ask
  • If necessary, the attorney may negotiate police protection for you and your family if there is a real fear of retaliation for your testimony
  • If applicable, the attorney may negotiate immunity or dismissal of any charges against you in exchange for your testimony

Speak with a qualified attorney to learn more about what an experienced lawyer can offer you as a witness in a criminal case.

Finding the Right Criminal Witness Lawyer in Maryland

If you’ve been called to testify in a criminal case, consider how your words can help bring justice for another’s deeds. You don’t have to walk into the courtroom alone, not when a Maryland criminal witness lawyer is only a phone call or click away. Call today for a consultation and to discuss your specific situation and whether it warrants an attorney.