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Those convicted of a sex-related crime can incur serious penalties, including prison terms of up to life without the possibility of parole. Even misdemeanor convictions call for incarceration, possible fines, and forced registration as a sex offender. This makes it difficult to obtain housing, employment, and even financial loans. If you are facing any type of sex charge, you would be well-served by the help of an experienced Maryland sex crimes lawyer who can use investigative and legal resources to build the strongest conceivable defense.

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Many sex offense accusations can be highly subjective. Some end up being a case of “he said, she said”, and sometimes forensic evidence (such as rape kits) can be interpreted in different ways.

It is important to contact Maryland sex crimes attorney with the skills and experience necessary to help defend you against allegations of a sex offense. He will fight aggressively to mount the strongest, most effective defense possible and to minimize the damage these charges could have on your reputation and your freedom. Contact his Maryland law office today to schedule a no-cost consultation and learn more about the charges against you.

In addition, you can also be charged with the attempt to commit a sex crime. “Attempt” crimes can be complicated, and a Maryland sex crimes lawyer can help explain what the prosecution will need to prove at trial.

Internet-based Sex Crimes (harassment and sexting)

With the communication power of the Internet, many  “traditional” sex crimes are now easily facilitated online. Though Maryland lawmakers have been slow to write laws unique to Internet-based sex crimes, it is only a matter of time before they are addressed by the legislature.

Currently, so-called “sexting” offenses arise from sending nude, sexually explicit, or suggestive photos by electronic means, most often via cell phone or some other mobile device. It is usually prosecuted using existing child pornography laws. In Maryland, teens who engage in sexting can be prosecuted and punished for child pornography and a variety of other related crimes. This includes adults who “sext” or solicit minors via the Internet, as well as:

  • Distribution or manufacture of pornography
  • Distribution of unlawful (obscene) images or content via the Internet

Maryland Sex Offense Penalties

Sex Crimes Lawyer, MarylandIf a defendant is found guilty and has prior sex crime convictions, they could face harsher penalties than those who are accused of a sex offense for the first time. As a Maryland sex crimes lawyer can tell you, one of the most serious penalties associated with a sex offense conviction in Maryland is having to register as a sex offender. There are three tiers of offenders, which are based on the seriousness of the crime and the length of time each convicted person must remain on the list.

  • Tier III – Tier III includes offenses such as rape of any type, many felony sexual assaults, and any sex crime that includes kidnapping, attempted rape, and the sale of a minor for the purposes of sexual activity. All Tier 3 offenders remain on this list for their entire lives.
  • Tier II – This level involves distribution of child pornography, sale of a minor, and any third degree sex offense. Offenders in this category must remain on the registry for 25 years.
  • Tier I – This generally covers most misdemeanor video surveillance and/or “peeping” without the permission of the victim, possession of child pornography, and Internet-related crimes (including harassment and stalking) where no other more serious charges are involved. Tier I offenders remain on the list for 15 years.

The names of all registered sex offenders in any state are also included in the federal sex offender database. All sex offenders must remain current on all registration laws, must report any changes, including their addresses and their usernames on social networking sites. They are also severely restricted in terms of where they may live and work. Violations of any sex offense laws can result in additional sentences. A Maryland attorney could help someone facing sex crimes charges understand their rights and the potential penalties they face to determine the best path forward.

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If you are facing allegations, charges, or an investigation for a sex crime, it is important to contact an experienced Maryland sex crimes lawyer. Call our firm today to begin reviewing the details with a skilled legal advocate.

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