2024 Seth Okin Good Deeds Scholarship

 As an attorney, Seth Okin wakes up every day ready to serve and defend the rights of his clients. He is dedicated to making a difference in the local Maryland communities where he lives and practices law. As an animal lover and a father, he constantly speaks out against animal cruelty and supports all efforts to improve the lives of children in his community.

However, with so many competing charities and interests in today’s world, it can be tough to decide where the most important work must be done. Should we focus on curing diseases or preventing them? Should we fund disaster relief abroad or fight homelessness at home? There are sometimes no easy or apparent answers to the big questions that underpin our good deeds and our lives of activism. It is important to keep the lines of dialogue open about what it means to serve our communities and how best to direct our efforts and resources.

Attorney Okin is proud to contribute to the national discussion on community service by renewing the Seth Okin Good Deeds Scholarship. The winner will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship that will enable them to pursue their educational goals with the ultimate purpose of creating a meaningful life of service to others.

To learn more about previous recipients of this award, check out our winners page here!

Scholarship Eligibility

  • The Seth Okin Good Deeds Scholarship is available to any student pursuing post-secondary education (community college, undergraduate or graduate degree programs, law school, or business school). Applicants must also be a legal resident of the US, living in one of the 50 states or District of Columbia.
  • Employees of the firm, their immediate families (parent, child, sibling, and spouse), and others residing in the same households as such individuals (whether related or not), are ineligible to enter the competition. 
  • Applicants must be interested and engaged in serving their community and must have a GPA of 3.0 or greater to apply.

Application Requirements

To apply for this scholarship, please submit the following:

  • Fill out the form below with all necessary information
  • A 500-word essay that responds to the following question:
    • With so many people and organizations in today’s world in need of volunteers and financial assistance, how can people decide where to direct their time and donations?
    • Please note that all essays will be checked for AI writing. If AI writing is deemed present in the essay, the application will be denied.
  • An updated resume listing both academic and professional experience.
  • An academic transcript from the current school. First-year college students, graduate students, or those who have just moved institutions may submit both an unofficial transcript from their present school and the most recent official transcript from their previous school.
  • Preference may be given to student’s either from or attending secondary school in Maryland.

The scholarship deadline is November 30th, 2024. The recipient of the Seth Okin Good Deeds Scholarship will be chosen during the month following the scholarship deadline.

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