Maryland Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Marijuana is generally going to be enforced and prosecuted differently from other drug offenses in Maryland. because it is different from the other drugs. Marijuana’s prevalence is much more prominent than any other drug because of it is rapidly changing legal status. The federal government still continues to do heavily prosecute certain cases, even as they have now revisited the idea of lowering it from a Schedule I. They have held it at Schedule I, the highest classification of drug in the US, the same level as drugs like heroin. Because of these classifications, contacting an experienced Maryland marijuana possession lawyer is imperative to your case. A skilled drug defense attorney can build your defense.

How Marijuana Cases are Unique

Marijuana’s distinct look and distinct odor make it easily identifiable. It is easy to define when burnt and when raw. It is a plant so it looks like a plant. Reports say a green vegetable-like matter or a green plant-like matter with a distinct odor known from the knowledge, training, and experience of this officer to be marijuana. The smell is easily recognizable as well. A Maryland marijuana possession attorney will help frame their client’s case to best fit their situation, and move successfully towards mitigating potential penalties regarding their marijuana charge.

Building a defense may hinge on a distinction investigation or evidence maintaining violations of constitutional issues in Maryland. It is important to work with a skilled lawyer during the investigation process to determine that a person’s rights are protected throughout their case.

Potential Expungement

When a charge comes off in an expungement, it is gone. If a person has a case where there are multiple drugs, an attorney can focus on trying to work a plea deal out to only a  marijuana possession charge. Perhaps someone has a good shot at expungement on a charge that will sooner or later be legal. If it is legal, it should not have an impact at all, or if it does, it is very little. Stigmas associated with drug charges are also a massive issue. A marijuana charge could lead that person not being hired or being approved for renting a house, simply because of the presence of a drug charge. A drug lawyer in Maryland will be able to help their client avoid these common pitfalls. If the correct defense is constructed, it can help move towards an expungement down the road.

What To Know

It is still illegal in Maryland. DC may have changed their laws, however, Maryland has not and it is important to stay updated on the correct laws. On a person’s record, many people see that the person was busted for a drug charge. This can impeded typical life events like applying for credit or a loan. Immediately upon being involved in a drug case, contact a Maryland marijuana possession lawyer. Only someone with knowledge of the situation and experience in the field can give you the best possible chance of a positive case outcome.