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Reckless and negligent driving are both serious traffic offenses and law enforcement is cracking down on such offenses more and more every day. Capable drivers can still face these types of charges and they can have severe negative impacts on a person’s driver’s license. The law can be confusing on the subject and scary to many who may not understand exactly what penalties they face if convicted of reckless driving. Below are some commonly asked questions regarding reckless and negligent driving that our Maryland reckless driving lawyers commonly face.

What is Reckless Driving?

Maryland Transportation Code has defined reckless driving as a person driving a motor vehicle in wanton or willful disregard of the safety of other people or property around them. While the technical definition can seem very complicated to those without a law degree, a good example of reckless driving is when a person is driving too fast for the road conditions. This behavior is seen as reckless because it unnecessarily endangers not only your life and the lives of your passengers, but also the lives of other innocent people on the road around you. As a Maryland attorney can attest, other examples of reckless driving include driving at least 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, drunk driving, failing to yield or passing someone at a railroad crossing.


If you’ve been charged with reckless driving it’s important to understand the impact a conviction could have on your life and your driving record. Those found guilty of reckless driving in Maryland face a possible fine of up to $1,000 and a whopping six points added to their driving record. Beyond criminal sanctions, reckless drivers also face increased insurance premiums and a record that might impact their ability to find work. Repeat offenders also face revocation of their driver’s license.

What is Negligent Driving?

According to the Maryland Transportation Code, negligent driving occurs when a person drives his or her motor vehicle in a “careless or imprudent manner” that endangers the life or property of any other person. In Maryland, drivers may be charged with negligent driving if they received a DUI or DWI. Driving erratically is another common reason why drivers are cited for negligent driving, but officers can deem many different driving behaviors as negligent.


The penalties for driving negligently are much less serious than other traffic offenses, such as reckless driving or driving on a suspended/revoked license. In Maryland, negligent driving convictions can result in a fine of up to $240 and will lead to one point added onto your driving record. That may seem like a minor penalty, but multiple offenses of negligent driving, or negligent driving combined with other offenses can lead to more serious consequences.

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