Maryland Drug Possession Lawyer

A defendant can be charged with possession of drugs in Maryland if law enforcement believes a controlled substance is under the defendant’s control. Even a small amount of drugs can result in criminal charges. A Maryland drug possession lawyer can provide legal representation to those who are accused of violating laws restricting controlled substances. Call and schedule a consultation with a Maryland drug lawyer today.

What Does a Maryland Drug Possession Lawyer Do?

A Maryland drug possession attorney can help clients to try to avoid being found guilty of a drug crime or can work to help clients reduce penalties or avoid a criminal record.

There are many situations where it is possible to get charges for possession dropped or where it is possible to convince a jury to find you not guilty.  If law enforcement searched you, your home, or your vehicle illegally, any evidence of illegal substances they found in the unlawful search will not be admissible against you in court.

If there is insufficient proof the controlled substance was under your control, the jury should also find you not guilty because of the rules in the criminal justice system requiring proof of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Drugs that are simply near you or in your vehicle are not necessarily yours and a prosecutor is going to need to prove that they were in your possession for a conviction to occur. The job of a drug possession lawyer in Maryland is to try to make it impossible for a prosecutor to meet the burden of proof by introducing questions and doubts about the case presented against you.

Drug Possession Laws in Maryland

A defendant may be charged with possession of controlled substances under Maryland Criminal Code Section 5-601. This law prohibits possessing controlled substances, including prescription drugs, without a valid prescription. Attempting to obtain, or obtaining a controlled substance through a counterfeit prescription or through fraud or receipt is also a criminal act under this same Code Section.

Penalties are going to vary depending upon the substance a defendant is accused of possessing. For most substances, the maximum penalty for a first conviction of possession is four years imprisonment and a fine up to $25,000.

There is an exception for marijuana products. A first conviction for possession of marijuana can result in a maximum penalty of one year incarceration and a $1,000 maximum fine. However, if the court finds marijuana was medically necessary to treat a health condition, the maximum penalty for possession and/or use is $100.

Getting Help from a Maryland Drug Possession Lawyer

Whether you are accused of being in possession of marijuana or any other substance, reach out to a Maryland drug possession lawyer as soon as possible. Many people have recognized the detrimental impact of the war on drugs. Prosecutors may be willing to negotiate a favorable plea deal or it may be possible for an attorney to help you to explore diversion programs to avoid a criminal record, especially if you have no past convictions. A Maryland drug possession attorney with our firm can help you to explore what options are best to try to minimize or avoid the penalties that could result from being found in possession of controlled substances.