Carroll County Human Trafficking Lawyer

Criminal charges connected with human trafficking are penalized severely. To help those who have been exploited, law enforcement officials focus on protecting potential victims. In the process, the rights of the accused could be trampled.

Working with an experienced Carroll County human trafficking lawyer could help you minimize negative consequences if you have been accused of a human trafficking offense. A criminal defense lawyer who understands how Carroll County courts treat human trafficking cases could devise a defensive strategy to take advantage of all available opportunities.

Human Trafficking Defense

Human trafficking crimes could be charged under state or federal law, so it is wise to work with a Carroll County human trafficking lawyer who has seen how these offenses are prosecuted in both arenas and knows the defenses available under an array of statutes. Without guidance, individuals accused of activities connected with human trafficking offenses might inadvertently take actions or make statements that could be used against them, so it a good idea to start working with an attorney as soon as possible, even if charges have not yet been filed.

A criminal lawyer could begin right away collecting and preserving evidence to build a solid defense based on the circumstances and the elements of the offense at issue. Moreover, an experienced defense lawyer may be able to find procedural grounds to challenge a human trafficking charge.

Different Crimes May Be Charged as Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a popular term that is often used to refer to a range of state and federal crimes. In many situations, human trafficking charges relate to prostitution and sex trafficking. In other cases, offenses are ion abased on labor violations, possibly involving immigration law. For some cases, the trafficking of a minor or pimping could leave an alleged offender facing serious charges that would not be seen as anything other than menacing.

It is crucial to understand the charges involved in order to create the best defensive strategy to fight those charges. A knowledgeable Carroll County human trafficking lawyer understands how local courts apply these laws and the defenses that have proven successful in similar situations.

Sex Trafficking in Maryland

Although federal human trafficking charges are more common in Maryland than in many other states, charges involving sex trafficking may frequently be brought under Md. Code, Crim. Law §11-303. This statute prohibits individuals from taking others to a place for prostitution, encouraging acts of prostitution, and procuring prostitutes. In addition, individuals violate the statute if they engage in a course of conduct designed to make another person believe someone could get hurt if they refuse to participate in a sexually explicit show.

Hiding or destroying a person’s passport could also constitute a violation of the statute. If someone knowingly aids or profits from human trafficking activities, human trafficking lawyers in Carroll County know that those actions could be penalized as severely as more participatory roles.

For human trafficking violations that do not involve any minors, the maximum penalties include up to ten years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $5,000. When minors are part of a human trafficking violation, the maximum sentence jumps to 25 years and the potential fine escalates to $15,000.

Consult a Carroll County Human Trafficking Attorney

It goes without saying that human trafficking is a serious offense that deserves serious consideration. Even if charges have not yet been filed, it is wise to seek legal advice as soon as allegations arise.

Having a conviction for or even a charge of human trafficking on your record could create a host of problems for years to come. A Carroll County human trafficking lawyer could fight to defend you against all charges and minimize negative consequences. Call now for a consultation to learn more about the assistance an experienced defense attorney could provide in your case.