Carroll County Traffic Lawyer

Most people do not realize just how serious traffic offenses can be. Even minor violations, such as speeding, failing to use a turn signal, and not stopping completely at a stop sign, can result in hefty fines and points on your driver’s license. More serious infractions can lead to criminal charges and penalties like loss of your driver’s license.

If you need a local Carroll County traffic lawyer to defend you against moving violations – no matter how minor or severe – a qualified criminal defense attorney could help protect you from penalties that can affect your finances, freedom, and reputation. They could represent you in traffic court, answer your questions on Maryland’s often-complicated traffic laws, and fight tirelessly towards a favorable resolution for you.

Minor Traffic Violations in Maryland

In Maryland, minor traffic tickets refer to violations that do not include the possibility of jail time – but are still considered misdemeanors. In most of these cases, violations are payable, meaning individuals do not need to appear in traffic court if they agree to pay a certain fine.

Common minor traffic violations include:

  • Speeding
  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Running a stop sign
  • Making an improper turn
  • Changing lanes unsafely
  • Failing to turn in a turn only lane

It is important to realize that individuals who accumulate 12 points on their driving record will lose their license. Minor violations, like the ones mentioned above, can add up quickly. For example, failing to stop at a red light adds two points to a driving record.

Reckless Driving in Carroll County

Unlike speeding, reckless driving involves driving without regard for the safety of others. This can involve speeding, but may also include drunk driving, passing another driver at a railroad crossing, weaving through traffic, or passing on a curve. In Maryland, a speeding ticket will also become a reckless driving ticket – which is a more serious offense – if a driver is going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Drivers charged with reckless driving may face up to $1,000 in fines, six points on their record, and more expensive insurance premiums. That is why it is beneficial to speak with a Carroll County traffic attorney who can build up a portfolio of evidence, use cross-examination techniques to question a police officer’s testimony, and use their in-depth knowledge of Maryland traffic laws to avoid penalties.

Using a Cell Phone While Driving in Maryland

Not only is distracted driving is an incredibly dangerous – and increasingly common – cause of car accidents and serious traffic violations in the United States, but it is also against the law. In fact, it is illegal to use a cell phone even with a hands-free device in Maryland.

As a result, to discourage young drivers from texting and driving,  police officers are taking this type of violation very seriously. Drivers found guilty of distracted driving may face expensive fines and several points on their driving record. A skilled Carroll County traffic lawyer could attempt to mitigate the consequences of a traffic offense.

Challenging Traffic Violations With a Carroll County Traffic Attorney

For some, facing traffic tickets is a minor annoyance, for others, it can mean jail time. Since traffic violations have the power to affect your driving privileges, making it harder for you to get to work, drop your children off at school, or run day-to-day errands, it is important to contact a Carroll County traffic lawyer for legal advice. A qualified criminal defense attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to fight for you.