Carroll County Solicitation of a Minor Lawyer

Solicitation of a minor occurs when individuals allegedly try to lure minors into prohibited sexual activity with them. This offense is a sex crime under Maryland law that can result in harsh penalties in the event of a conviction. If you or a family member is accused of solicitation of a minor, you may want to call a Carroll County solicitation of a minor lawyer for legal representation and guidance.

The potential penalties for any sex crime conviction are likely to be severe, especially when they involve minors. Due to public opinion on cases such as these, prosecutors often will insist on the maximum possible sentence and judges will not show much leniency in sentencing. These circumstances can make it essential that you obtain the services of a criminal defense lawyer to assist you throughout any criminal proceedings.

Solicitation of a Minor

Under Md. Code, Crim. Law § 3-324, it is unlawful for individuals to solicit minors knowingly, or law enforcement officers posing as minors, with the intent of engaging in various illegal sexual activities with those minors.
These prohibited sexual activities include rape and sexual offense of the third degree, among others. This offense is a felony under Maryland law that carries the potential for a maximum prison sentence of ten years and a maximum fine of $25,000.

Solicitation under this code section can occur when individuals command, request, or entice minors by any means to engage in these prohibited sexual activities. As a result, solicitation can occur in person, by phone, by mail, through any print media, via the Internet, through an agent or agency, or by any other electronic means.

Entrapment Defenses to Solicitation of a Minor

One common situation that often leads to solicitation of a minor charges occurs when law enforcement officers pretending to be minors advertise online and attempt to lure unsuspecting individuals into committing a crime. While this is a valid law enforcement technique in some cases, in other cases, the scheme may violate the rights of the accused. In some situations, a solicitation of a minor lawyer in Carroll County may be able to use illegal entrapment as a defense to the pending criminal charges.
For instance, law enforcement officers will place posts on Craigslist in which they use pictures of teenagers to pose as minors seeking sexual activity. When individuals contact the number or email address in the ad, police officers will arrange a place to meet the individuals, ostensibly for them to engage in sexual activities with minors. Once the individuals appear at the agreed-upon location, officers will arrest them on charges of solicitation of a minor.

Collateral Consequences of a Solicitation of a Minor Conviction

Aside from the potentially lengthy prison term and thousands in fines, individuals also may face collateral consequences that can have an even more significant impact on their futures. Having a permanent felony conviction for any crime will result in the loss of some civil rights, including the right to possess firearms.

A conviction for solicitation of a minor requires mandatory sex offender registration. This highly public display of shame can be highly damaging to the ability of individuals to obtain employment, pursue a college degree, or take any steps to better themselves. As the repercussions of a conviction for a sex offense can alter the course of your life, consulting a solicitation of a minor attorney in Carroll County may be wise.

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When you are facing criminal charges for an offense as serious as solicitation of a minor, you cannot afford to proceed on your own. You need someone whom you can count on to be your voice throughout your criminal proceedings, who can advocate on your behalf and protect your rights.

With the assistance of a Carroll County solicitation of a minor lawyer, you may be more likely to the best possible resolution in your case.

Various defenses may exist in cases involving the alleged solicitation of a minor, such as illegal entrapment, lack of intent to commit a prohibited sexual activity, and lack of intent to solicit a minor. Legal counsel may be able to determine the most robust defense strategy in your case by raising all relevant defenses on your behalf.