Carroll County Robbery Lawyer

Sentences for robbery crimes, which are felonies, can reach 15 years in prison with five additional years if a weapon or the threat of a weapon is used, so it is imperative that the accused seeks the services of a skilled defense attorney. A Carroll County robbery lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to build an individual’s case.

What Maryland Must Show to Prove Robbery

The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury all four elements comprising the crime of robbery. These are that act was taking the property or service of another person,  from the alleged victim’s person or in the person’s presence, by the use of violence, a threat of violence or intimidation causing the accuser actual fear or the reasonable belief of danger, and intending to permanently deny the accuser of the use or possession of the property or service.

Armed robbery adds another element, which is the use of a dangerous or deadly weapon in the commission of robbery. A typical hammer used in a robbery can be a deadly weapon. A person who hands a bank teller a note demanding money and falsely claiming possession of a weapon can be charged with armed robbery under Maryland law.

Potential Robbery Defenses

There are limited defenses to robbery crimes in Maryland. It happens that police can sometimes arrest an innocent person for robbery. For example, an expensive watch taken in a robbery is pawned and later purchased by an innocent person who cannot prove their whereabouts at the time of the robbery and is arrested.

Witness or alleged victim identification of a perpetrator can easily be mistaken. For example, a person who frequents a particular neighborhood convenience store looks similar to a robber in height, skin color, facial hair, or other similarity can be incorrectly identified. The customer may have been asleep at home at the time of the robbery.

Police can make mistakes such as violating rights and even wrongdoing during an investigation and an arrest that can lead to evidence being suppressed. Entrapment can be available if a representative of law enforcement encourages, persuades, or intimidates a person to perform a robbery. A person who was under duress in committing a robbery, such as reacting to a threat, may use this defense.

Plea Bargains

If the state has sufficient evidence for a conviction, a Carroll County robbery lawyer may be able to negotiate the best compromise possible. These negotiations are called plea bargains. The defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge and receives a reduced sentence. The state uses this method to reduce court costs and ease the caseload but it must be approved by the court.

More than a prison sentence, the defendant may be ordered to pay restitution to the person who was robbed.

Working With a Carroll County Robbery Attorney

A Carroll County robbery lawyer can evaluate your case and explain possible options during a free consultation without any obligation. A felony conviction means possibly losing the right to vote, to have a firearm, and a detriment in looking for employment. Do not wait. Make an appointment today.