Prince George’s County Prostitution Lawyer

Prostitution is a serious offense in Maryland, and if you have been charged with committing or soliciting prostitution, a Prince George’s County prostitution lawyer can help. Facing prostitution charges can be extremely frustrating, regardless of the circumstances that led to your arrest, and it’s normal to feel angry or offended that you have to deal with such accusations.

Our experienced defense attorneys understand that people are wrongfully accused of prostitution all the time, and that criminal allegations do not necessarily mean that a person will ultimately be convicted. The first step you can take toward clearing your name is to consult one of our PG County prostitution attorneys. Call our Maryland law offices today to get started.

Prostitution Charges in PG County

In Maryland, prostitution charges encompass both offering prostitution services, and “assignation,” or scheduling an appointment to partake of prostitution services. The charges also apply to anyone accused of operating a so-called “house of prostitution,” or allowing their property to be used for prostitution services.

However, it’s important to remember that each crime in Maryland has a certain number of elements that must be proven by the prosecution in order for a conviction to be rightfully secured. If the state cannot prove one or more elements of the crime, then a person should not be convicted of prostitution.

Human Trafficking and Prostitution

It is also illegal to receive money from the earnings of a prostitute or prostitution operation, or to persuade a minor to engage in prostitution, and such conduct often constitutes a separate human trafficking offense.

Human trafficking can also involve coercing or forcing someone into prostitution through use of physical harm, threats or restraints, receiving payment for procuring a person to engage in prostitution, or destroying, threatening or pretending to destroy a passport, immigration or government identification document in order to prohibit or discourage a person from escaping prostitution.

Human trafficking charges are incredibly serious, and it’s important to speak with a prostitution attorney in Maryland right away if you have received official charges or believe that you may be under investigation.

Penalties for Prostitution

Prostitution penalties in Maryland can be quite severe, ranging from up to one year in jail and $500 in fines for more standard prostitution offenses, to up to ten years in prison and $5000 in fines for certain human trafficking offenses, or 25 years in prison and $15,000 in fines for human trafficking involving a minor.

Charges and penalties can apply not only to people engaging in these specific prostitution-related offenses, but also to anyone accused of assisting or conspiring with those persons.

This can be a slippery-slope, however, leading to charges against people who had contact or dealings with those involved in prostitution, but had no knowledge of the alleged conduct. If you believe you have been wrongfully charged with a prostitution-related violation, a PG County prostitution lawyer can help.

Consult an Experienced Legal Advocate

Prostitution and human trafficking are very serious crimes. Well-intentioned but over-zealous attempts to put an end to such crimes, however, often result in police entrapment or unfair charges. If you are facing prostitution charges and worried about your future and reputation, let one of our understanding Prince George’s County prostitution attorneys work to keep your record clear.

Your lawyer can examine the charges against you and the circumstances of your arrest in order to determine whether you have been treated fairly and how to begin building your defense.