Prince George’s County Fraud Lawyer

Fraud crimes are commonly charged in Prince George’s County because fraud is a term that covers a wide range of conduct. Some of these offenses are penalized more severely than others. However, they all have one thing in common—they give you a reputation as a person who cannot be trusted.

Because criminal records are so readily visible to anyone who conducts a simple search online, a fraud conviction could interfere with employment opportunities, loans, housing, and even personal relationships for years to come. To protect yourself, it is wise to work with a knowledgeable Prince George’s County fraud lawyer. A dedicated defense lawyer could help you minimize the damaging consequences so you can move forward.

How a Fraud Lawyer Could Help

In every criminal case, the prosecution must prove that the individual charged took actions that satisfied certain criteria that are elements of the offense. If one of these elements is lacking, an individual may not be convicted of the crime.

A PG County fraud lawyer could investigate to locate and preserve evidence to refute the allegations made by the prosecution. In addition, a defense attorney will exploit any weaknesses in the case, including instances where evidence is lacking or where police made procedural mistakes.

In addition to building a solid defense, an attorney could provide advice throughout the process to help those accused protect their rights and avoid self-incrimination. A defense attorney stands by clients at all times, advocating on their behalf and fighting together to reach a positive outcome.

Types of Fraud Crimes in PG County

The state criminal code contains an entire title with descriptions of fraud crimes. These laws cover everything from identity theft to racing a horse under a false name.

Fraud generally involves the use of misleading or false information to obtain an illegal benefit. When someone relies on a false statement or implication believing it to be true and they suffer a loss as a result, the action is considered fraud. With respect to the crimes relating to the fraudulent acquisition of public benefits, Md. Code, Crim. Law §8-501 defines fraud as the deliberate utterance of a false statement, the intentional failure to disclose a change in finances or household condition, or the impersonation of another.

Some of the more commonly prosecuted fraud crimes in PG County include:

  • Obtaining property by bad check
  • Identity fraud
  • Credit card theft or counterfeiting
  • Fraud in procuring issuance of a credit card
  • Obtaining or receiving property by stolen or counterfeit credit card
  • Embezzlement
  • Counterfeiting a prescription

A Prince George’s County fraud lawyer could determine whether a charge for one fraud crime could be reduced to a less serious offense. Specialized defenses apply to some fraud crimes, and a knowledgeable attorney could take advantage of all available avenues to fight the charges.

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The criminal penalties for fraud crimes vary depending on factors such as the value of the property involved. For instance, if someone is convicted of obtaining property of value through the use of a fraudulent credit card under Md. Code, Crim. Law §8-206, the crime is treated as a felony if the combined value of the property obtained exceeds $1,500. Penalties include up to five years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

As noted above, however, sometimes the additional consequences of a fraud conviction can be even worse than the criminal penalties. To protect your rights and your future, it is a good idea to contact a knowledgeable Prince George’s County fraud lawyer.

The sooner your attorney begins to work on your case, the sooner your legal adviser will be able to start collecting evidence and advocating on your behalf. For a free consultation to learn the advantages of working with an experienced fraud lawyer, call now.