Prince George’s County Traffic Attorney

Although Prince George’s County has Washington Metrorail, MARC commuter rail, and Metrobus service, its location on the outskirts of Washington ensures a high volume of motor traffic on county highways and roads. With a high volume of traffic comes the increased potential for vehicle accidents and traffic violations. If you are charged with a traffic violation, whether minor or one with serious consequences, our Prince George’s County traffic violations lawyers can represent you effectively and aggressively throughout the process.  They will consider every relevant detail as they work toward either a reduction or a dismissal of charges, or a favorable outcome in the event of a trial.

Traffic Violations in Prince George’s County

Traffic Attorney in Prince George's County, MDTraffic violations and corresponding penalties are addressed in Transportation Title 21 of the Maryland code. While one might assume that traffic violations refer specifically to the actions of drivers in cars or trucks, the state’s laws apply as well to snowmobile drivers, bicyclists, animal-drawn vehicles, anyone riding an animal on a roadway, road workers, emergency vehicles, crossing guards, and all pedestrians.

The Maryland traffic code describes rules such as right of way, driving on the right, passing, and proper speed limits. Traffic violations include damaging or tampering with roadway signs, failure to keep adequate distance between your vehicle and the one you are following, exceeding speed limits, reckless driving, aggressive driving (breaking three or more traffic laws simultaneously), failure to obey law enforcement directions, and driving under the influence.

Traffic violations can cover a wide variety of driving indiscretions, from the minor to those that lead to injuries or fatalities. In crashes involving fatalities, charges of vehicular manslaughter could be brought, with very severe repercussions such as incarceration. So if you have been cited for any kind of traffic violation or received a traffic citation, contact a PG County traffic attorney to help explain how this might work.

Point System in PG County

If you are convicted of a traffic violation in Prince George’s County, Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration will apply points to your license as delineated in Transportation Article 16, Section 16-402, of the state code.

The MVA then takes the following action based on the points applied to your license for the current violation, and any additional points you may have accumulated in the two years prior:

  • 3–4 points – send you a warning letter
  • 5–7 points – require that you participate in a Driver Improvement Program (DIP).
  • 8–11 points – send you a suspension notice
  • 12 or more points – send you a revocation notice

You have the choice of either accepting the suspension or revocation, or requesting a hearing before the Office of Administrative Hearings.  However, you are required to make your hearing request within 15 days of the MVA notice date and pay the required fee (currently $150.00). In order to protect your rights for a hearing, you must respond within this 15-day period.

Answering the Most Common Points System Questions:

  • Points are effective for two years from the date of the infraction –not the date of the trial.
  • Points are assessed at the time the driver is convicted.
  • Maryland Probation Before Judgment does not cause points to be awarded. Probation before judgment is not a conviction.

Prince George’s County Traffic Violations Lawyers

A driver’s license is an absolute necessity in many areas, particularly in rural communities that do not have a public transportation system and where services or employment opportunities are difficult to reach without a vehicle. Loss of transportation, fines, potential incarceration, and an increase in car insurance premiums are just some of the hardships resulting from a traffic violation conviction in PG County.

If you are a resident or a visitor in Prince George’s County and have been charged with a traffic violation, contact our traffic violation lawyers for an evaluation of your case. Our Prince George’s County traffic lawyers have the experience to represent you throughout the process, and their extensive knowledge of criminal defense will ensure that your plan of defense will be as effective as possible.