Maryland Vulnerable Adult Abuse Lawyer

A vulnerable adult is someone who is not fully able to protect themselves. For that reason, the government takes on the responsibility of protecting them. Usually vulnerable adults are people who are elderly; suffer from mental health issues; or people who suffer from diseases where their ability to make decisions for themselves is not clear. They require additional protection. Anyone who manipulates a vulnerable adult or tries to commit a crime against them faces more serious consequences than manipulating a individual who is not considered vulnerable.

If you are facing penalties for vulnerable adult abuse, you will need an adept domestic violence lawyer, since the prosecution acts very harshly against these charges. A Maryland vulnerable adult abuse lawyer will help fight the government’s arguments and evidence.

Case Prosecution

A vulnerable adult is someone who is physically or mentally disabled in some capacity who needs help for daily needs. That may be someone as young as 18 or older. There is a broad range of ages, but a vulnerable adult is someone who has a physical or mental disability or their capacity is such that they cannot take of their daily needs.

The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person committed an abusive act against a vulnerable adult. To convict someone of criminal abuse of a vulnerable adult, the prosecution must prove that the person is a vulnerable adult and show how the abuse took place.

Examples of Abuse

Physical abuse, physical neglect, psychological abuse, and financial exploitation are the most common examples of abuse of a vulnerable adult. Examples of abuse of a vulnerable adult are when somebody tries to steal money or tries to sell something for an extremely high price to a vulnerable adult. Physical or sexual abuses against a vulnerable person are also examples. Any crime committed against somebody who is vulnerable can be part of the accusation against a vulnerable adult.

The criminal penalties facing someone charged with abusing a vulnerable adult depend on the type of abuse or neglect. When there is physical abuse with injuries sustained and bruises; that is assault. A neglect case involves malnourishment, poor care resulting in bed sores, and dehydration. Psychological abuse consists of acts, threats of acts, or controlling what a person can and cannot do. It is isolating the person from friends and family members. Financial abuse includes stealing, using funds, accounts, and fraud to remove the financial abilities or resources of an individual who cannot manage them on their own.

A person charged with abusing a vulnerable adult faces a period of jail time and lengthy periods of probation.

Building a Vulnerable Adults Abuse Defense

A potential defense against domestic violence of a vulnerable adult can be that the person inherently did not commit the act. Whatever they are alleged to have done was done fairly, whether the person was a vulnerable adult or not. The standards are high for the state to prove the abuse of a vulnerable adult beyond a reasonable doubt when it comes to a financial offense. Another defense for domestic violence against a vulnerable adult is that the person is not a vulnerable adult. They do not fit under the statute and they are not vulnerable.

Contacting a Lawyer

A person should contact a Maryland vulnerable adult abuse lawyer as soon as they know there is an investigation against them or when they are charged with abusing a vulnerable adult. They should exercise their right to remain silent and immediately contact an attorney to make sure their rights are protected.