Maryland Domestic Violence Investigations 

Local police want to quickly resolve Maryland domestic violence investigations. They want to be able to get into the situation, speak with the individual, and take pictures of any lacerations or bruises. Investigators obtain medical records, phone records, text messages, and emails. They gather the evidence and certify that the records are there as quickly as possible.

People are quick to label someone as an abuser when they hear that someone may have assaulted another person. It changes the complexion of the relationships the person has with their neighbors, relatives, and friends.

When someone calls the police for a domestic violence arrest or accusation, there is a strong likelihood the officers will find whoever did not call at fault. Anyone who has been accused of domestic violence charges should contact an experienced domestic violence lawyer who can evaluate the strength of their case and help them move forward during their investigation.

Role of the Police During an Investigation

Maryland domestic violence investigations are different from other criminal investigations because of the immediacy of the two parties. When someone has a history of domestic violence, the police may pay more attention to that case and revisit the alleged victim’s house. There is typically a risk of repeat violence in these cases.  There are inherent dangers such as the capability of killing someone.

The police are supposed to protect and serve. Their ability to protect is to make sure that there is no imminent threat to an individual. They have to neutralize the accused by keeping them away and making sure they do not return to the home. The police officer escorts the person to get their personal belongings and ask for their keys.

Rights of the Accused

United States law and the State of Maryland incorporate the same laws in the Constitution and the Maryland State Constitution, innocent until proven guilty. At no point in time should a person be labeled an offender if they have done nothing wrong.

This is why a person must get a lawyer right away when they are being investigated for domestic violence in Maryland. The lawyer can help them build a defense from day one and be proactive, instead of waiting for the end of the investigation.

Importance of an Attorney

It is important for someone to have an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer in Maryland domestic violence investigations because the police can be intimidating. With a domestic-related matter, the authorities believe the person is capable of violence and are not gentle when interviewing the person. They forcefully demand things from the person that they may not have to turn over to the authorities.

Law enforcement officers may need a warrant to search for and obtain some forms of evidence. For example, the police have no right to take a person’s phone unless they have a warrant. The person’s attorney can protect the rights of someone under suspicion of domestic violence to make sure that legal rights are not ignored during their investigation.