Evidence in Maryland Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is a label added to an assault charge. A domestic-related assault is called domestic violence and is not well received in Maryland.  When a person is in front of a judge for a domestic-related matter, the expectation is the person is going to be treated much harsher than someone charged with a general assault. Evidence in Maryland domestic violence cases plays a big role in the way an attorney creates their defense. It may be beneficial to contact an experienced domestic violence lawyer before your investigation begins.

Role of Evidence

The evidence in a Maryland domestic violence case is applicable to the particular charge. When the charge is a domestic-related matter and it is an assault the authorities address it as an assault case. They inform the state’s attorney that this is a domestic matter.

Maryland domestic violence defense lawyers want the most readily available evidence that shows their client may be innocent. Cases of false accusation sometimes happen with contentious divorces where one party accuses the other of assaulting them, stealing their valuables, and breaking their property. There might be a situation where there is a peace or protective order was not fully complied with.

The order was not followed and the protected party files for contempt. Those situations are technically domestic-related. The far-reaching consequences are when someone is dealing with a divorce and they have an attorney for that matter, having a criminal defense attorney with skills and a background in domestic matters is a benefit to the person as well.

Witness Testimony Dismissal

Maryland domestic violence lawyers subpoena records when trying to get witness testimonies dismissed. The lawyer gains access to evidence and available testimonies such as statements, employment records, phone and text records and other electronic evidence. When someone is blamed for being home when they should not have been there, the lawyer can verify that they were at work.

If a person is accused of making threatening phone calls and intimidating text messages, the attorney can obtain their records from the carrier, a certified business entity, to show there was no contact. The domestic violence attorney can stay on top of all the ways to subpoena evidence in Maryland domestic violence cases.

Speaking with a Lawyer

A Maryland domestic violence lawyer addresses the counts being alleged against the person. When an assault matter is alleged, the assault is analyzed piece by piece, frame by frame. There are elements the state must prove. When the proof is not beyond a reasonable doubt and the attorney can use evidence in Maryland domestic violence cases to show that.

There are ways to work things out when there is a situation in which the allegations are true. The lawyer can mitigate the charges by addressing issues ahead of time, during, and after to make sure the situation does not evolve in any way or is repeated. The individual should get an attorney immediately, share information with the attorney about the situation, and learn about making healthy decisions going forward. The lawyer can assist their client in making sure that problems that took place in the past do not come to a head and put the person in a better position in the future.