Maryland Spousal Abuse Lawyer

As defined by Maryland law, spousal abuse is the abuse of a spouse. There are certain relationships that have to be qualified in front of the court to show that there is a spousal element. Meaning, someone that a person is in a long standing relationship with, short standing relationship with, or someone they had sexual relations with can be considered spousal abuse. These are all people that have to be labeled under this domestic docket.

If you are facing charges of spousal abuse, an experienced domestic violence lawyer can help. A Maryland spousal abuse lawyer can advise you on the most appropriate defense for your future and help prepare you for what to expect throughout the case.

Spousal Abuse vs. Domestic Violence

Spousal abuse is domestic violence which refers to violence in the home. Maryland spousal abuse lawyers have seen scenarios where the abuse does not have to occur in the home. Violence in the home means that if someone that a person lives with and has an extended relationship with. It is also inclusive of family members. The word spouse refers to someone that a person is married to or it can be inclusive of someone that a person is in a long relationship or even short relationship with.

Process of a Case

After an accusation of spousal abuse, the individual is going to be arrested, they can be charged, and they can also be issued a summons. They can be charged but they have to go to court, ideally with their Maryland spousal abuse lawyer. Regarding charges and assault, first-degree and second-degree assault charges are felony and misdemeanor charges. From there, they individual may face reckless endangerment and other charges.

They can expect that the states attorney’s offices, regardless of any jurisdiction, are going to aggressively prosecute these cases. Domestic violence is believed to be part of the cyclical pattern where individual who are trying to gain this power or maintain the power over time continue to break down the other individual and there will be good times and bad times, but they use that power to abuse the other person both physically and mentally. State attorneys are not kind regarding this type of abuse.

How a Maryland Spousal Abuse Lawyer Can Help

Spousal abuse is not considered a typical assault or typical reckless endangerment. If charged with a domestically-related domestic violence, there is the concern that it is a pattern behavior that is about power and control. This abuser is someone that a person is intimate with in some fashion such as a parent or spouse or some person that could be vulnerable to them in some way.

It involves physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and it could be physiological abuse, economic, threatening, or overall influence over a person. State attorneys take this seriously because part of their expectation is that the person who makes a report if it is true, could back down because they are being further abused.

Maryland spousal abuse lawyers want to try to make sure they have a safe place to go and get the help that they believe that they need. Unfortunately, there are situations in which an individual may not have done anything.