False Accusations in Maryland Domestic Violence Cases

False accusations in Maryland domestic violence cases are not uncommon, but every circumstance and case are different. The level of bias in history involved in a couple’s relationship is more prevalent in a domestic violence case than in other cases. There is more complexity behind the story associated with a particular event than there would be in other situations of that nature. While domestic violence is never justified, a motive that starts a fabricated domestic violence claim is much easier to identify than in other circumstances.

Unfairly, false accusations are made all the time, especially in contentious situations where there is a separation, a divorce, or the parties are in a relationship that is now falling apart. There may be situations with consecutive and systemic violence. If you have been accused of a domestic violence charge, it is very important that you consult a skilled domestic violence lawyer. The repercussions can be very severe, so having representation in court is essential.

Reasons for Falsely Accusing

There are many reasons why a person would commit domestic violence false accusations in Maryland. There could be issues of custody, jealousy, or finances. A person might falsely accuse another of domestic violence to influence separation custody and divorce issues.

Consequences like jail time and lengthy periods of probation can motivate somebody to prepare thoroughly during a domestic violence case. Because of this, a person should be thoroughly prepared in a domestic violence case because they could go to jail.

How to Protect Oneself From Allegations

It is difficult to protect oneself from allegations of domestic abuse. The moment a person thinks a domestic abuse or domestic violence investigation is brought against them, they should reach out to an attorney. Preserving evidence like text messages or getting in touch with alibi witnesses are some of the most important things people can do to protect themselves from false allegations in a domestic case. The longer a person waits; the more difficult it is to track those things down.

A person should limit their contact with someone they believe will do them harm or get them in trouble. They should have no contact with them that is written or recordable in some fashion by written law. A person cannot record someone’s statement. It is not allowable. They must have the person’s permission. However, emails or texts can set up a solid record that can be introduced. Technology allows communications in many different ways.

Benefits of a Lawyer

A Maryland domestic violence lawyer compiles witnesses who can verify a person’s alibi, speak to the person’s good character, and identify any bias of the other party associated with the case. These can be helpful in trying to assess the situation in the case of false accusations of domestic violence in Maryland.

A lawyer gathers evidence that suggests the individual who made the claim and allegedly is the victim is not being truthful. They bring false witnesses who claim they were present at the scene of the domestic violence when they were not. There are many pieces needed to support a claim that can be used to unravel it in the same way.

A lawyer presents this evidence in the same way as any other evidence depending on the kind of case and the evidence. The lawyer strives to make the most of the evidence to have the best impact in a criminal courtroom. A person charged with domestic violence can hire a lawyer to help them maintain their innocence.