Maryland DUIs for Individuals Licensed Out of State 

There is a process for Maryland DUIs for individuals licensed out of state. Depending on what the person has done, if the person refused to give a breath score or what the number on the breath score was, that could only affect the person’s privilege inside the State of Maryland.

Maryland does not have the authority to act on the out-of-state license. That is not to stay that the person’s at-home state may not or may act on it, however, in Maryland, if the person refused to take a sobriety test, they can suspend the privilege to drive in the state for 270 days. Also, if the person blew a 0.15 on the breath test or higher, the state can restrict the license and driving ability in the home state and not allow the person to use the ignition interlock for either of those. Talk to a Maryland DUI lawyer if you have further questions or concerns.

Breath Score

The issue comes down to the person’s breath score being 0.08 to under 0.15. The breath score allows a person to request a motor vehicle administrative hearing in the State of Maryland and get what is called a modified license, which would then allow a person to drive in the State of Maryland for work-related purposes if the person is going to alcohol education, treatment, or an AA meeting.

A person can be allowed to drive, but that means the person cannot drive anywhere but the alcohol-related treatment programs, to work, and to Maryland should they need to go to the Motor Vehicle Administration in Maryland. Otherwise, unless the person changes their license to a Maryland State license, they would have issues with driving in the State of Maryland. Maryland DUIs for individuals out of state can be serious.

National Driver Registry

The national driver registry allows law enforcement to see a person’s driving record. The state’s attorney’s office in Maryland has to get a certified copy of an out-of-state driving record and they would utilize that to show that a person has any driving record whatsoever, be it just in payables, a prior DUI, but it has to come in as a certified record. The states that are participating in this communication do allow communication between their states but there are several states that do not participate.

If a person gets a probation before judgment, chances are the person’s home state will not intercede in any way with their license, but it depends on the case. It is purely dependent on an individual’s home state and each state is distinct.

How a Maryland DUI Lawyer Can Help

An experienced DUI lawyer knows how a Maryland DUI for individuals out of state works. A Maryland DUI lawyer has connections throughout the nation and has the knowledge and ability to work with other states.  Contact a professional attorney who has the right insight into DUI cases and how they operate when an out of state individual is involved. Do not compromise your freedoms and liberties. See what you can do today.