Long-Term Consequences of Maryland DUIs

DUIs are serious not only because of the penalties that a person may face, but also because of the impact that a DUI could have on someone’s personal and/or professional life. It is important to note that there is a difference between having a DUI arrest on record and having a conviction on record. With regards to the citations, a citation is issued by an officer who believes that they have reasonable grounds or probable cause. It very well may prove that they do not have any of those and that case can be dismissed. The citations are not as important as a final disposition where, if a guilty finding or even a Probation Before Judgment is entered, it is known what type of citation it correlates to. Regardless, there are long-term consequences of Maryland DUIs, even if an individual is not convicted. An experienced DUI lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for those who have been charged.

The Stigma of DUI Charges and How it Can Affect Employment

If it is a requirement that a person notifies their employer in regards to a change in their status, then they certainly may find themselves in a bit of a situation because if they do not disclose that they got arrested and then go to court and get convicted, then they are telling an employer that they may have a substance problem that may impede their ability to be trusted. Certainly, this is not always the case. Ideally, the company will not judge a book by its cover.

Sometimes, a person gets a DUI because they are young and do not know any better; they were 18 at the time, maybe 19 or 20, and more than likely doing something a little bit more reckless. If they were 20-25 years old and they have not done anything since then there is little reason to believe that they would do it again. If someone has a duty to report criminal offenses, they certainly could face a problem. If they do not have a duty to report, they do not have to report it or tell anybody. They should know their job and what they need to report or disclose before they disclose anything.

Background Checks in DUI Cases

One of the long-term consequences of Maryland DUIs is that DUI offenses do show up in background checks and depending on the employment that a person has, some people do have a duty to report. A military has a duty to report if someone has a top-secret clearance working for the federal government. Some people have different duties to report. Others do not have a single duty to report and they do not bother because they are not told to do so. If a person’s job requirement is that they need to have a clear and clean driving record, without a DUI, they may have a problem. They may not be employable. They will be seen as a liability.

Impact Maryland DUIs Can Have on Insurance

If you are convicted of a DUI offense, it will be on your record. If you are not convicted, it will not be on your record. Charges are merely allegations. People are alleged to have done things all the time. It does not mean that they did them. Also, if you are acquitted, found not guilty, the case has been dismissed or null prossed, the DUI could be expunged from your record, as if it did not happen. However, if your record is not expunged, another one of the long-term consequences of Maryland DUIs that you could face involves your insurance.

Following a DUI charge, the insurance company may have to cancel your insurance for good cause. It is simply that if they found out that a person was charged, they should not be looking that up; they should only be looking at their traffic record. That is where a capable DUI attorney can come in. A skilled lawyer could defend you and mitigate some of the consequences that you face. They could also speak to the insurance company on your behalf. Speak with an attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.