Maryland DUI Arrests 

There can be Maryland DUI arrests made in other places than the road. Parking lots, driveways, and other non-roadways are fair game for an arrest. If a person is in the middle of a privately owned property and they are insulated from everything public, then that is not where police would go. Police do often use judgment before pulling a person over.

But if a person is pulling into someone’s driveway and they observed the person’s car, they can stop the person and get them out of their vehicle right there. If a person is in a parking lot and they pull up behind the vehicle, they can ask the person to step out of their vehicle. They may not have a strong case. There are a lot of factors that go on with DUI arrests in Maryland. To learn more, contact a professional Maryland DUI lawyer.

Frequency of DUI Arrests in Maryland

In Maryland, there are a lot of DUI arrests made. That is the majority of cases and there are many cases in which a person states that they were not driving. Many individuals say that they stopped in a parking lot or pulled over on the side of the road, but if the officer observes erratic driving behavior of any kind, they can question a person even if they are already stopped.

Maryland law enforcement often park in front of bars and restaurants to make DUI arrests. It is the easiest way for them to do their job. They watch a person walk out the front door, demonstrate intoxicated behavior, and then get into their car and drive away. The second the car is turned on, an officer can pull them over. If someone is going to go a bar and they are going to walk out, they should not go directly to their car because law enforcement do frequently stay put there.

What the Prosecution Has to Prove

The prosecution has to prove that there was either literal driving, that there was a vehicle in motion, that there was someone who recently drove, or someone who had the immediate ability to drive. A DUI attorney typically contests the identification of the driver if there are more people there who can identify the driver. If they are pulled off somewhere and there is video of the car pulling in, that can be especially helpful in defending a case.

Contacting a Maryland DUI Lawyer

Maryland DUI arrests can be stressful. A Maryland DUI lawyer can advise a person on what to say and what not to say when challenging a case. There are numerous factors that go into a DUI, and knowing what they are is extremely important. You do not want to compromise your freedoms. Hiring a Maryland DUI lawyer to contest an arrest can only benefit a person during the course of a charge. Contact an experienced and qualified attorney today to see what you can do about your situation today.