Maryland DUI While on Probation 

Getting a Maryland DUI while on probation can be serious. If a person is put on supervised probation, that person is going to be under what is called the DDMP, which is the Drinking and Driving Monitor Program. It is a program within parole and probation that is specific to driving under the influence. Violating probation with a DUI will end in severe repercussions. For more information, call a Maryland DUI lawyer who will work diligently on your behalf.

What Probation Consists Of

In probation, the person will be tested for alcohol and drugs. If the person had community service, probation officers will make sure that the person does it successfully. In addition, a person must obey laws, not drink and drive, and not incur tickets. A person should remember that just because they are on probation for a DUI does not mean they cannot accrue other charges as well that can adversely affect their DUI.

Picking Up Other Offenses

Offenses involving drugs and alcohol can be serious. There is a lot at risk with everything that a person does regardless of how the probation plays a role. A judge could also put the person on what is called unsupervised probation where the person is not checking in with someone, but a judge gives the person certain things that they need to complete through a lawyer.

Charges for a DUI While on Probation for Prior Offenses

No matter what a person is on probation for, if they get a DUI, it can have serious consequences. Although DUI charges count as traffic charges, a standard condition of probation is to obey all laws. Furthermore, the prohibition of alcohol and drug use is a common condition of probation.

A lot of probation agents check regularly for drugs and alcohol, which does not look good for someone with an alcohol-related offense. The adverse effects are that the person can get a violation of probation. That notice can be sent by the agent to a judge and the judge can issue the violation, which may, in fact, be an arrest warrant to bring the person in, charge them and then release or hold them, depending on what the person is on probation for.

Violating Probation

A person does not want to be held in violation of probation because that increases the likelihood of them going to jail. The individual will have to attend a hearing for their violation and, their charges could accrue and lengthen the entire process. If the person cannot bond themselves out or if the person has not been given a bond, then they cannot get out in any other fashion which is a major risk. A person facing a Maryland DUI while on probation should seek the help of a capable DUI attorney. Their freedoms could depend on it because penalties can be harsh. Judges and the court may look at the prior charges and decide a worse fate for the individual.

Impact a DUI Can Have on a Person’s Case

The impact of a Maryland DUI while on probation could be absolutely catastrophic. If a person is already on probation, they should have taken a course and learned something. The judge will presume that the person did not take the offense seriously. The violation of probation also comes off as an issue of character, and an indication that the individual cannot change. However, that might not always be the case/

Maybe the person did not get the right type of treatment in the right facility and they need more drastic treatment. An individual may also need supplementary guidance like AA meetings and MADD meetings, whatever it may be, but there may be stronger issues here that may be psychological that are in play as well, dependency issues especially.

An attorney could use that to build an individual’s defense. They can argue that the defendant is human and that making mistakes is a part of being human. However, making two of the same mistake is a pattern. A judge will say the same. A skilled attorney could work tirelessly to defend an individual regardless and show that while the defendant may have made the same mistake again, they are still capable of change and deserve a chance.