Glen Burnie Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sexually-based offenses are subject to severe treatment in the Maryland criminal court system. Individuals accused of such crimes often face severe personal and professional repercussions, even in the absence of an accompanying conviction. If you are in this situation, knowing you have legal options is important. Understanding and enforcing your rights effectively could be vital to protecting your best interests now and for years to come.

Working closely with a Glen Burnie sex crimes lawyer could make a massive difference in your ability to construct, present, and achieve a positive case result through a comprehensive defense strategy. Whether this is your first time facing criminal prosecution or you have an existing record, a committed defense attorney could tirelessly advocate for you and pursue the most favorable result possible for your unique circumstances.

Dealing with Common Sex Crime Charges

Maryland uses the term “rape” to refer to the criminal act of engaging in non-consensual intercourse with another person, and “sexual offense” as a blanket term that refers to other forms of non-consensual sexual activity. Under state law, there are two degrees of rape and four degrees of sexual offenses, all of which are felony offenses except for one.

A sexual offense in the fourth degree is a misdemeanor charge involving specific circumstances, such as non-consensual sexual contact between two adults, sexual activity between a person aged 18-21 with someone that is 14 or 15 years of age, or sexual activity between a person over 21 in a position of authority at a school with a student who is under 18.

Other sex crime charges that a Glen Burnie attorney could help contest include:

  • Misuse of telephone equipment and/or electronic communications for a sexual purpose—for example, making obscene phone calls or sending lewd messages to someone
  • Child pornography possession, distribution, and/or production
  • Prostitution
  • Solicitation of sexual services
  • Indecent exposure
  • Stalking

Individuals can be prosecuted under state law for attempting to commit any degree of rape, a first-degree sexual offense, or a second-degree sexual offense. They could subsequently face sanctions similar to those associated with the actual offenses.

Sex Offender Registration Requirements in Glen Burnie

Most sex crimes in Maryland are classified into one of three tiers based on the severity of the offense. The primary function of these tiers is to determine how long a convicted defendant must continue to register as a sex offender in Maryland upon their release from incarceration—15 years for Tier I offenses, 25 years for Tier II offenses, and life for Tier III offenses.

Sex offender registration in Maryland has numerous restrictions on where a registrant can go within the state, but notably not where they can live. A sex crimes attorney in Glen Burnie could explain the implications of registration in more detail during a confidential consultation.

Consider Working with a Glen Burnie Sex Crimes Attorney

Being accused of any criminal offense involving sexual misconduct can alter your life in a matter of moments. Even a successful outcome from your criminal case could still have serious repercussions for you outside of court, to say nothing of how consequential a conviction might be.

Handling this sort of scenario proactively and effectively could be much easier with help from a knowledgeable Glen Burnie sex crimes lawyer. Call our firm today to schedule a confidential consultation.