Glen Burnie Gun Lawyer

There are significant regulations regarding the sale, ownership, and transportation of firearms in Glen Burnie. These laws are enacted through state statute and are considered by many to be far more stringent compared to neighboring states, even going as far as to not recognize out-of-state licenses. There is a tangled web of rules and regulations every gun owner must navigate. Unfortunately, an honest mistake could have significant legal consequences. An experienced defense attorney could help you right that mistake and avoid a criminal conviction on your record.

If you have been charged with failing to comply with an applicable gun law, you are not without legal recourse. With the help of a Glen Burnie gun lawyer, you could fight back against the allegations you are facing.

Glen Burnie Gun Laws

Few things face the level of regulation that firearms do. Every aspect of possessing or using a gun is regulated down to the tiniest of details. Understanding these regulations could go a long way toward ensuring that you do not run afoul of the rules. When that happens, however, your first call should be to a Glen Burnie gun attorney.


The regulations regarding licensing and registration for the owners of firearms varies significantly based on the type of weapon involved. In fact, long guns like rifles require very little in the way of licensing. Firearms are treated differently under state law. According to Maryland Public Safety Code 5-117.1, a gun owner must obtain a permit known as a Handgun Qualification License before purchasing a handgun. This license is required before a person is able to purchase a handgun, outside of some exceptions like active-duty military members or anyone with a federal firearms license. Importantly, the state does not recognize out-of-state licenses under these laws. The statute requires a background check and firearms training for all applicants.

State law also requires the registration of all handguns. Maryland State Police keep a record of every handgun sale in the state. The State Police also require owners of automatic weapons to register their weapon.

Waiting Period

Handguns and certain long guns are also subject to a seven day waiting period. According to Maryland Public Safety Code 5-124, a firearm purchase may not be completed until at least seven days following the submission of a firearm application.

Firearm Prohibitions

Certain prohibitions regarding the possession or ownership of firearms are strictly enforced. Failure to comply with some of these prohibitions could result in criminal charges in many instances. A Glen Burnie gun attorney could advise you on whether you are in compliance with these rules and help you navigate these laws moving forward.

Carrying on School Grounds

Maryland Criminal Code 4-102 bars carrying a firearm on the grounds of a school or institution of higher learning. Violation of this statute could result in a misdemeanor conviction that carries a maximum of three years behind bars.

Felon in Possession of a Firearm

One of the collateral consequences of a felony conviction is the loss of the right to own a firearm. When a felon possesses a firearm, the potential penalties are severe. Whether the weapon possessed is a handgun or long gun, a felon could face up to 15 years in prison upon conviction.

Call a Glen Burnie Gun Attorney

While gun offenses are serious, in many cases, it is possible to negotiate a reduction in the charges you are facing. In some cases, an attorney could have the charges against you dismissed entirely.

No matter the circumstances of your arrest, you have the right to seek the counsel of a Glen Burnie gun lawyer. To get started, schedule your initial consultation right away.