Glen Burnie DUI Lawyer

Few charges lead to an arrest more often than driving under the influence. A DUI arrest could result from intoxication by alcohol or a controlled substance. While any DUI conviction carries significant consequences, multiple offenses certainly have a lasting impact on your life. A practiced defense attorney could work with you to limit the consequences you face.

While an arrest under suspicion of DUI may feel like you have already been convicted, nothing could be further from the truth. Many DUI cases are defensible with the right legal strategy. To ensure you put forward the strongest defense possible, rely on the skill and experience of a Glen Burnie DUI lawyer.

The Legal Limit

When it comes to alcohol-related DUI charges, the maximum blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in a specific case depends on a few factors. Maryland Transportation Code 21-902 governs DUI charges in Glen Burnie. For most drivers, the legal limit a BAC of .08 or more. At this level of intoxication, the state is not required to provide further evidence of intoxication. That is because under the law, a BAC of .08 more results in the finding that you are “per se” intoxicated. With that BAC level or higher, you must provide evidence that you were not under the influence to prevail at trial.

The legal limit is lower for commercial drivers. According to the statute, drivers with a commercial license may not operate a vehicle with a BAC of .04 or more. A DUI is especially devastating for anyone with a commercial driver’s license. Even if the arrest occurred when the driver was operating a passenger vehicle, it could result in a suspension of commercial driving privileges. For many commercial drivers, a DUI conviction is the end of the career.

Finally, the legal limit for minors is even lower. Due to the state’s “zero tolerance” stance, anyone under the age of 21 may not operate a vehicle with a .02 BAC or higher.

DUI Penalties

The penalties for a DUI conviction vary. In part, the sentencing range for a conviction depends on a defendant’s prior history with driving under the influence.

For a first time offender, a DUI conviction could result in up to a year behind bars. However, it is uncommon for a judge to sentence a defendant to anywhere near the maximum. In many cases, defendants avoid additional jail time entirely. A first offense also carries a maximum fine of $1,000. A second offense carries up to two years behind bars and a maximum fine of $2,000. Meanwhile, a third offense carries up to three years as well as a fine of no more than $3,000.

In addition to these penalties, a DUI could result in other collateral consequences. Many employers treat a DUI conviction as a fireable offense. A conviction could also result in the termination of employment if maintaining a valid driver’s license is a requirement. In these cases, it is beneficial to have a Glen Burnie DUI attorney working to defeat these charges at trial.

Reach Out to a Glen Burnie DUI Attorney Immediately

An arrest for DUI does not always have to result in a conviction. While a favorable outcome is never guaranteed, a skilled attorney could work to help you fight back against your charges.

Before you attend a court hearing or enter a plea in your case, it could benefit you to discuss your options with a Glen Burnie DUI lawyer. To discuss your case at length, schedule an initial consultation.