Glen Burnie Traffic Lawyer

Traffic offenses in Maryland can be expensive to deal with and immensely disruptive to your life. If you are found guilty of several traffic offenses within a specific period, you may be subject to additional penalties that could include your driver’s license being suspended or even permanently revoked.

When you want to contest a ticket you have received or address disciplinary action taken by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), consider speaking with a seasoned defense attorney. These cases are far from simple and have severe consequences if not handled carefully. Guidance from a Glen Burnie traffic lawyer could prove vital to getting through yours as efficiently and effectively as possible.

How the MVA’s “Point System” Works

Like most other states, Maryland assigns point values to every violation of traffic laws. Most moving violations that do not directly contribute to a traffic accident are given values of one or two points, while moving violations that do contribute to causing a collision are generally worth three points. Certain types of offenses, such as exceeding a posted speed limit by more than 20 miles per hour, driving without a valid license, and racing on any public street or highway are worth five points.

Anyone assigned three to four points within a single continuous two-year period will receive a warning letter from the MVA, and anyone with five to seven points within a period of the same length will be required by the MVA to complete a Driver Improvement Program. Obtaining eight to 11 points within two years is punishable by a license suspension, and anyone with 12 points or more within two years is subject to having their license revoked. A Glen Burnie traffic attorney’s assistance could be especially crucial to resolving situations like this in a positive way.

When Is Fighting a Traffic Ticket Worth It?

It is essential to know that agreeing to pay the fine associated with a traffic ticket in Maryland constitutes an admission of guilt. Requesting a waiver hearing in response to a ticket also counts as admitting guilt, but with the possibility that a judge may agree to reduce the associated fine and potentially issue a Probation Before a Judgement. This could keep the offense off the defendant’s driving record and prevent them from being assessed points.

Generally, the best option for anyone who wants to contest a traffic ticket in Glen Burnie is to request a court trial with a qualified attorney’s assistance. Legal counsel could also provide crucial help with hearings to contest license suspensions or revocations, especially in situations where an alcohol-related traffic offense may open up participation in the Ignition Interlock Program.

Contact a Glen Burnie Traffic Attorney for Legal Guidance

Dealing with a traffic ticket can be a very frustrating experience, and one with surprisingly high stakes if it is not your first ticket within the past two years. Either way, support from a capable legal professional could be vital to protecting your best interests and getting an optimal result from your case.

A conversation with a Glen Burnie traffic lawyer could provide you with important information about your options and guidance regarding possible next steps. Call today for a private meeting.