Rockville Student Defense Lawyer

Though college and high school can be a fun time of learning and development, it is not without its challenges and dangers. In the education environment, even a small lapse in judgment could have monumental effects. If a student has been accused of wrongdoing, either on campus or off, it may be highly beneficial to consult an experienced Rockville student defense lawyer.

Even a minor disciplinary mark on a student’s record in Montgomery County might interfere with future opportunities for employment and further education. A dedicated defense lawyer familiar with school disciplinary proceedings could use all available strategies to fight the allegations and mitigate adverse consequences.

Dual Prosecution

In many situations, an alleged act of wrongdoing may be prosecuted by school administrators and also be investigated by the police for criminal prosecution. It is essential that an accused student prepares for both.

Evidence collected in school proceedings may be shared with police and vice versa. An attorney who is familiar with handling student defense cases would be prepared to collect and use both of these forms of evidence.

The School Disciplinary Process

Each educational institution—such as Montgomery College, Rockville High School, or Richard Montgomery High School—establishes its own school rules and procedures for addressing alleged violations. However, these rules usually prohibit committing any type of crime and forbid many other actions such as advance viewing of test answers, plagiarism, or any form of educational dishonesty.

The protections often taken for granted in criminal proceedings do not necessarily apply in school disciplinary tribunals or proceedings. Students may not have the opportunity to face their accuser and they may even lack the presumption of innocence. Opportunities to submit evidence may also be severely limited.

An experienced local student defense attorney could develop strategies to make the most of available opportunities, even if there are fewer rights than in a criminal proceeding. While an attorney may not directly represent a student called to answer to a school tribunal, a student defense lawyer could review the questions that are likely to be asked and help the student prepare to answer those inquiries in a manner that avoids self-incrimination.

Common Issues Handled by Student Defense Lawyers

Students at Montgomery College or high schools in the area may be accused of many types of behavior. Regardless of whether the allegations are unfounded or have some basis in fact, it is wise to take the situation seriously and mount a solid defense.

A seasoned student defense attorney in Rockville could assist students accused of violations involving:

If an action potentially violates school policies and state criminal laws, the school is likely to begin processing the violation before the criminal investigation brings the case to trial.

Work with a Dedicated Rockville Student Defense Attorney

Students should have a future filled with potential awaiting them when they graduate. However, accusations of wrongdoing may rob them of that desired future. It is wise to take every possible measure to refute allegations and keep their record clear.

A Rockville student defense lawyer could work to protect a student’s rights throughout all proceedings and fight to defend the student’s reputation. It may even be possible to negotiate a resolution that accomplishes school objectives while avoiding a criminal conviction or permanent censure on the record. To discuss your case with a knowledgeable defense advocate, call today to schedule a consultation.