Rockville Prostitution Lawyer

Engaging in prostitution or other offenses related to it is against the law in Rockville and could result in imprisonment and a fine if convicted. Let a Rockville prostitution lawyer handle your case if you are facing criminal charges for prostitution.

When you have legal representation, you could have someone on our side fighting for you. A lawyer could prepare a defense strategy to fight prostitution charges and work to protect your legal rights.

Prostitution and Solicitation Laws and Penalties

Prostitution and the related offense of solicitation are both prohibited in the Maryland statutes under § 11-303.

Solicitation is defined as making arrangements or an appointment for prostitution to take place. Solicitation also includes any acts committed in furtherance of the appointment. A person could be charged with solicitation even if the actual act of prostitution was not carried out, and no sexual services were exchanged for money.

Prostitution and solicitation are both misdemeanor offenses punishable by a fine up to $500, up to one-year imprisonment, or both a fine and imprisonment. A Rockville prostitution attorney could provide legal representation for individuals charged with prostitution or solicitation.

Pimping and Related Offenses

The Maryland statutes do not reference the term pimping specifically but do recognize activities typically associated with pimping as criminal offenses. Section 11-304 of the statutes prohibits anyone from receiving or acquiring money or proceeds from the earnings of another individual engaged in prostitution. Doing so is a misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine up to $10,000, up to ten years imprisonment, or both.

It is also against the law for a person to knowingly allow a building or structure under that person’s control to be used for solicitation or prostitution. Further, it is also prohibited to set up, maintain, keep, or operate a building or structure for solicitation or prostitution (see §11–307). The penalties for such misdemeanor offenses include a fine up to $500, imprisonment for up to one year, or both a fine and imprisonment.

Solicitation of Prostitution Services

In addition to providing sexual services for hire or making arrangements for such services, it is also against the law in Rockville to knowingly solicit prostitution services. Solicitation refers to that act of seeking paid sexual services from a person engaging in prostitution, as well as the act of offering to provide sexual services for a fee.

Solicitation is a misdemeanor offense in Rockville. Upon conviction, the penalties include a fine up to $500, up to one-year imprisonment, or both. A prostitution lawyer in Rockville could answer questions about whether specific acts constitute solicitation.

Let a Rockville Prostitution Attorney Assist You

It is best to have a Rockville prostitution lawyer on your side representing you if you have been charged with prostitution, solicitation, or a related offense, such as receiving money from the earnings of another person engaging in prostitution. In addition to protecting your constitutional rights, a lawyer could fight to secure the best possible outcome in your case.

You do not need to fight prostitution charges on your own. Contact a prostitution attorney in Rockville to discuss your case.