Ignition Interlock in Prince George’s DUI Cases

The following is taken from an interview with a Prince George’s County DUI lawyer, who discusses the use of ignition interlock systems in Maryland, the cost associated with their use, and what someone has to do to remove them. To learn more call and schedule a consultation with an attorney today.

The Costs Associated With An Ignition Interlock Device

The ignition interlock program is run through the state of Maryland and five companies that have been pre-approved by the state of Maryland to install, test, and calibrate these devices. In order to be eligible for the ignition interlock program, you need to be eligible for a valid driver’s license (not one that has been suspended). You can then go to one of the 5 companies that has been approved to install that device on your vehicle.

To have the ignition interlock device (IID) installed in your vehicle, the installation cost is about $150, and there are the monthly maintenance and reporting fees you must pay for in order to stay in the program. Additionally, because the ignition interlock device overrides the starter in your car, there may also be additional parts or procedures needed to complete the installation which are also your responsibility to pay.

IID Maintenance and Programming Costs

When an ignition interlock is installed in your vehicle, you must pay a monthly fee. Think of the ignition interlock device as a lease. You’re borrowing that piece of equipment so you’re paying for the equipment itself and for the monthly testing, which can cost more than $70 per month. Every month, you have to go in to be reviewed by the installation facility, downloading all the information from the interlock device. They will pull all the information that the ignition interlock device has recorded throughout the month on a form to submit to the MVA. After that, a representative of the MVA will evaluate those results in order to look for any failed tests. The program runs for a 12 month period, but should you register any failed attempts, that period will be extended a month at a time for the first 2 failed tests. Any subsequent failed tests will result in your removal from the program.

In total, an individual who spends 12 months on the ignition interlock program and pays the associated fees will spend close to $1100-$1200.

Getting an Ignition Interlock Device Removed

This is not a quick process. When you’re stuck with an ignition interlock device, the truth is that you’ll be dealing with the MVA for a long time. If they have their hands on a license, they don’t like to give it up without a great deal of evidence that paints you as a responsible person.

In order for the MVA to officially remove an IID from an individual’s vehicle, they want to see months of clean testing. No false tests, and no failed tests. They want a perfect run on that ignition interlock to show that you are reformed, that you are not drinking and driving and that you can be trusted. They also may ask for continued alcohol education by putting you on one of their 14-hour programs, along with other programs geared toward driver improvement and driver safety. They doing so to ensure that individuals who complete this process be trusted on the roads again when operating a vehicle around the greater public.