Benefits of a Prince George’s County DUI Attorney

When you work with an experienced local attorney, you also receive the numerous benefits of a Prince George’s County DUI attorney. Lawyers familiar with DUI cases and the processes of could help you by defending you in court and working with the state to see you as more than just a wrongdoer.

Benefits of Working with a Local DUI Lawyer

There are many benefits to working with a Prince George’s County DUI attorney. However, people should take caution with regards to the word “local”. Attorneys do not need to have an office in Prince George’s County to practice there every day. They do not need to have an office in Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Washington County, or Talbot County. They do not need to live there and work there to be there. An individual who is charged with a DUI would want an attorney who appears regularly in the courts, who knows the judges and who knows the State’s Attorney. Accused individuals want someone who is in court three or four days a week. It is the accessibility and the availability of their attorney to know what is going on that makes attorneys a good tool for their particular case, and they know their way around the courtroom.

The experienced defense attorney would know:

  • Employees of the state
  • They know exactly what to request
  • They know how to request it
  • They know what demand need to be made
  • They know how to present their evidence

These things are exceptionally important. There are police officers who testify better than others. There are State’s Attorneys who cross-exam or close better than others. An experienced defense attorney could use their knowledge of the strengths of the case and how to attack weaknesses. All of that comes from being an experienced attorney. So the word “local” should be substituted with “experienced” Prince George’s County DUI attorney.

What Could a DUI Attorney Do for an Accused Person?

The best thing an attorney could do for an accused person is be available when they call with questions. People who have been charged with a crime are in a bad place and need the skills and counsel of an attorney. They are scared and do not know what to expect as they go through the court process.

An attorney could assess their case by discussing the facts as soon as possible while the individual recalls as much as possible. The attorney might want to ascertain immediately:

  • Whether the officers stopped them lawfully
  • Was the information provided to them within reason
  • Were they asked to step out of the vehicle
  • Were they on video
  • Was there an audio recording
  • Was it consistent
  • What paperwork were they given

If they are a Maryland licensed driver, they are going to keep their license and be given a temporary and a DR-15 Form (rules and regulations) that advises them as their rights to submit to a breath test. The defense attorney would want to have those documents quickly to determine whether or not the police stop and actions were within the individual’s constitutional rights and whether the evidence was legally obtained. Individuals do not have a Fourth Amendment right from search and seizure that would be applied when it involves vehicles as they are considered exigency.

The defense attorney would review all the facts and evidence obtained from the police in order to make an assessment of the State’s case against them and prepare for their defense. The State will make an offer to them as to what they feel would be a fair resolution of the matter. The defense attorney will discuss the pros and cons of that offer and work from that.
The questions that arise during defense preparation are:

  • Is it probation before judgment
  • If no probation before judgment, maybe try to delay court proceedings
  • Is the judge considered to be a tough judge
  • Does the defense request a postponement
  • Does the defense request to defer sentencing with regards to the negotiating process

As far as their vehicle, in Maryland, if they submit to a blood alcohol content test (“BAC”) and blow 0.15 or higher, or if they refuse to take the test, they face greater penalties. An alternative may be an alcohol monitoring device interlock. Maryland has six companies that provide this equipment and install it. Alcohol monitoring devices installed on a person’s vehicle has to be on there for one year. The pros and cons would need to be discussed before deciding to utilize the ignition interlock or reject it.

Work with a Lawyer Today

The benefits of a Prince George’s County DUI attorney do not end at the first consultation or sentencing. An attorney could work for you to resolve any grievances about your trial, prepare you for trial, and file with the court of appeals, if necessary. Do not wait, contact a legal representative today.