Howard County License Suspension Lawyer

There are several reasons why someone would need to attain an experienced Howard County license suspension lawyer. The most common causes of license suspension or revocation in Howard County are if the driver was given a ticket and did not show up for court, convicted of a DUI or failed to pay court fines or child support. License suspensions are typical consequences of misdemeanors. If someone is pulled over and they were driving with a suspended or revoked license, they can face harsher consequences and possible jail time. There could be a fine up to a thousand dollars and 12 points on their license. A knowledgeable traffic attorney knows how to handle these types of cases and can ensure that you have appropriate legal counsel.

These types of offenses are criminal and traffic offenses. They are heard in a criminal traffic docket.  There are several benefits to attaining an attorney An attorney will try to get the person back to active status prior to going to court. This is a very important because it shows that the person is taking active steps to deal with the situation. If you are facing charges and might lose your license it is critical that you reach out to a dedicated attorney to begin preparing for court.

DUI License Suspension

That goes into play with the DUI conviction. The Motor Vehicle Administration will assess 12 points when a person gets a conviction for a DUI and will lose their license with 12 points. When a person hits 12 points in Maryland, they lose their license.

There is a waiting period for drivers whose licenses were suspended because of DUI charges. If a person is under the influence when someone is driving, they are allowed to continue driving for 45 days. At that point, because the person has a temporary driver’s license that was requested at an Administrative Hearing.

The driver can challenge the automatic suspension by saying the person was not found guilty; they can go to court to show that there are no reasonable grounds for removal of their license; they could submit to an interlock system which would require him to blow into this interlock that would allow the car to start if someone was not intoxicated. A Howard County license suspension lawyer can help the person challenge a DUI license suspension.

Challenge Revocations

An Administrative Hearing can be requested through the Motor Vehicle Administration. At that hearing, the person would appear in whatever district court they were in, and prove that the matter has been resolved and they were not convicted, and therefore no cause for license suspension.

The Motor Vehicle Administration would be in charge of the Administrative Hearing, and not the District Court where the DUI is being heard. Two separate matters that are heard separate and apart.

Protect Driving Privileges

There are several ways a driver can protect their license and driving privileges. They should avoid getting tickets and should not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If a ticket is received, deal with it properly. Do not wait until the last minute to try to schedule a hearing because it does not help the situation. A driver should deal with everything as quickly as possible if someone has been given a citation or anything of that nature.

Potential Penalties

Up to a year in jail, $1,000.00 fine, and 12 points on the driver’s license.

There are long-term implications of driving while on a suspended conviction. A conviction for driving with a suspended or revoked license stays on the person’s record, which is not very easy for them. If the person has another one, it can increase penalties and fines for subsequent arrests and anything of that nature. A Howard County license suspension lawyer can assist the person in getting these consequences dismissed or lessen the penalties.

Aggravating Factors

Having multiple situations like this which are not good. The person was unaware, possibly there was an emergency, but usually it does not matter because the court will say a person should not do it, and take the position that there really is no excuse. An emergency really does not matter if a person was in violation of the law.

Attaining an Attorney

There are several reasons why someone should consult a skilled attorney if they are facing traffic violations. If there is a “must appear” violation, as it is a jailable offense to ignore the ticket and fail to appear in court. The driver must appear in court. It will be the State Attorney in that jurisdiction as these are “must appear”. If you are unsure what your rights are during a court hearing or you have questions about license suspensions, it is critical that you speak with a lawyer. They understand the legal process and can ensure your rights are being protected. There can be serious consequences associated with licenses suspension, so unless you have extensive knowledge of the law, it is imperative that you seek legal representation.

There are a lot of avenues that are not known to many people, such as trying to get their driving status back to active and things like. A Howard County license suspension lawyer who is familiar with the process in the local jurisdiction would be able to assist you in building proper avenues to deal with everything.