Howard County Demerit Point System 

The points assigned to a particular offense in Howard County is based on a state-wide system. The points are dependent on the offense and the severity of the offense. For example, 10 miles over the speed limit or 10 or less miles over the speed limit is one point and 30 miles over the speed limit is five points. There are some citations in which 12 points are allotted as well, which are jailable offenses and a license can be taken away. Points are determined by the severity of the offense. That is how a Howard County demerit point system works. If you have questions regarding this system, a skilled Howard County traffic lawyer would be happy to assist.

Information on Demerit Points

Demerit points are considered current for two years and visible for three. They are current for two years. They can be used against the person for two years, but they stay on the record for three.

There is a process if a driver accumulates too many points. there is a tiered system in Maryland. With three to four points, the person receives a letter from the MVA to let the person know that they are watching them. For five to seven points, the person has to do a driver improvement course. For eight points, the person is looking at suspension. Above that, the person is looking at revocation.

Long-Term Impact of Points

Long-term impacts of an accumulation of points can affect insurance. For insurance, it depends on the insurance company. It could make the insurance premium go up. For instance, the insurance premiums go up, and in terms of driving record, the points just sit there. They do not go away very quickly, so if a person gets pulled over frequently, they run the risk of losing their license at some point.

If a person has too many points or their charge is too severe, the insurance company can drop them and a person can potentially lose their ability to drive.

Infractions Committed in Other Jurisdictions

It is one system for the entire state of Maryland, so the infraction committed would accrue points everywhere in Maryland.

Outside of Maryland, what consequences will occur depends on what type of agreement Maryland has with that state and what the offense is. If a person gets a DUI in another state, Maryland will put 12 points on their license and take away their license even though the offense did not happen inside the State of Maryland.

How a Traffic Lawyer Can Help

When the person receives a ticket – if it is not a must-appear ticket – the person can choose not to pay the fine. They can choose to go to court, hope that the officer does not appear so that the matter can be dismissed or hope that that the judge is willing to change the charge to an offense which has less points. With a lawyer, the process can be much smoother.

An attorney can help if the points have not been assessed by the time a person goes to court. The attorney can make the argument that the amount of points that a person could be assessed is not what the person should be assessed. The attorney will reason with parties involved and try to achieve the best outcome for a person.