Howard County Unlicensed Driving Lawyer

When a driver is driving without a license, in any jurisdiction, there is really nothing to do at that point. If they do not have a license and is driving in Maryland, the officer would probably have the car towed and the driver would need to find another way to get home. Driving without a valid license is a criminal misdemeanor. It is not an uncommon charge and there are consequences and penalties associated with driving without a license.

If you have been pulled over and do not have a valid license, you will need to consult with an experienced Howard County unlicensed driving lawyer to begin building a strong defense case. They can answer any questions you might have about the charges or the case. It is possible that you may go to jail, or if you have been charged with this offense more than once, it is possible for you to go to jail. In the process of going forward, it is recommended that when you are charged, you make an effort to attain a license. It is important to show the courts that you care about the law and are pursuing the actions to get a license. A traffic lawyer can help you during this case.

Possible Penalties

First of all, it is a “must appear” citation, so the driver definitely would have to go to court. The penalties are quite specific and a person is looking at a $5,00 fine for a first offense, up to 60 days in jail, and five points on his license. For a second offense, the maximum jail time is up to 12 months.

Not Carrying a Valid License

If a driver has a valid license, it is just not with them at the time, the officer will be able to check if the person has a valid license or not. Not having it in one’s possession is not necessarily a great thing, but it is not driving without a license. The officer may still give the person a ticket, but it is not the same thing as driving without a license.

Driving without a license is a crime because a person does not have one in any jurisdiction in the United States.

Driving with a Suspended License

Driving on suspended is not good, especially if the person was aware that his license was suspended. There are two types of suspension for a license. Typically the person did not show up for court on their multiple offenses so it was suspended.

Having too many points on the driver’s record would be another way. Again, if a person does not have a license in Maryland, they cannot operate a vehicle. It is still a misdemeanor, one year in jail, a thousand dollar fine, and 12 points on the driver’s record could happen if the person is driving while suspended.

Hiring a Legal Team

Penalties are a bit harsher because the person knew they were not supposed to be driving, and knew that their driver’s license had been suspended. When a person gets pulled over, officers get annoyed. It is not like the person did not know their driver’s license was suspended. It would be much different if an 80-year-old driver happened to forget their license at home as opposed to someone who is 20 years old. There are several circumstances in which someone can receive a traffic violation for driving without a valid license and will need a Howard County unlicensed driving lawyer.

If you have been pulled over and are not carrying a license, there are several ways law enforcement is going to react. They will determine if you do have a license but are not carrying it with you or if you are driving with a suspended or revoked license. Based on the circumstances there is a range of penalties for driving without a license. You will want an experienced local attorney who understands the jurisdiction and can determine a defense strategy.