Howard County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A Howard County speeding ticket lawyer is here to help. Though many people think of traffic violations as more of a nuisance than a problem, the penalties associated with many of them are far from trivial in case of a conviction.  Depending on the suspect’s driving history, the circumstances, and the charges, some traffic violations can produce high fines, jail time, higher insurance rates, and, in some cases, loss of a right to drive. Speeding is one of those charges. A Howard County speeding ticket lawyer should be consulted before entering a plea.

Punishments are based on several factors that begin with the speed for which one was ticketed, and whether an accident was involved.  The state’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) will also impose from one to three demerit points based upon a convicted speed. Those who have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or drive a company car need to keep their MVA driving record as clean as possible because to lose their license means they could lose their job. Talk to a professional traffic lawyer for more information.

Penalties of Speeding Tickets

A speeding ticket is a minor offense, so it is payable. Fines should not be more than $500 and the driver’s license should not be revoked as long as the driver does not have other points on the license. However, there are points associated with speeding tickets that can range from one point to five points depending on how fast the driver was going.

Further Information on Penalties

Maryland’s traffic statutes were rewritten a few years ago. Now, anyone who is ticketed for any moving violation must request a trial. Failing to do so is an automatic admission of guilt. Once convicted, the ticketed driver receives a notice in the mail for immediate payment and instructions concerning the jail sentence they might need to serve, if applicable. The following are a list of more penalties a person can face:

  • If the ticket is for one to 10 MPH over the limit, the fine is $80, a person receives one DMV point, and if there was an accident, it is $120 and three points
  • Tickets of 10 through 19 MPH bring a fine of $90 and two MVA points, but if there was an accident, $130 and three points
  • If the charge is driving 20 through 29 MPH over the limit (or 10 through 19 if the speed limit is 65 MPH), it is $160 and two points. If an accident occurred, the fine is $200, and three MVA points are imposed
  • A speed of 30 through 39 MPH over the limit (or 20 through 29 over a posted speed limit of 65 MPH) results in a fine of $290 and five MVA points
  • Driving 40 MPH or more over the posted limit not only brings a fine of $530 and five points, it can also be charged with reckless driving (six points)

Fines can be doubled if a person is ticketed for speeding in a school or work zone, and there is also a “driving too slow” statute and those who are ticketed for that offense pay an $80 fine and receive one MVA demerit point.

If it is the first offense, the consequences could be minimal, and it is possible to qualify for probation before judgment. This eliminates the possibility of DMV points.  However, it is best to speak with a knowledgeable Howard County speeding ticket lawyer prior to trial because there are some specific steps that must be made in order to receive probation.

Advantages of a Qualified Lawyer

A Maryland ticket for speeding does not necessarily mean a conviction for the offense that is charged.  Often, a seasoned Howard County speeding ticket lawyer can negotiate a plea agreement where the defendant admits guilt to a lesser speeding charge that could conceivably cut the fine in half (or better) and also it can lower the number of DMV points.

Considering that speeding can be a serious offense, there are some instances when those ticketed for speed – especially if there is a reckless driving offense attached to it – should seriously consider hiring an experienced traffic lawyer. These instances include:

  • Drivers that have a high number of demerit points on their driver’s license and a conviction could trigger a suspension or revocation
  • The speeding driver was involved in an accident. In this case, fighting hard to get the charge significantly reduced or dismissed can have a large impact on whether they might face a civil law suit by anyone who may have been injured
  • Drivers who want to keep their insurance rates down
  • The driver simply is not guilty

Considering the above dangers to a person’s privilege to drive, their pocketbook, low insurance rates, and possibly their near-term freedom, investing in an experienced Howard County speeding ticket lawyer could end up costing them less than the accumulated amounts they would lose if convicted of a speeding charge.