Glen Burnie Drug Lawyer

In Glen Burnie, there is an array of criminal statutes related to controlled substances. These laws are broad, covering the use, possession, and sale of many types of drugs. A violation of any one of these statutes could lead to serious consequences. When you are facing these consequences, you could benefit from the guidance of a seasoned criminal defense attorney.

You do not have to face the prospect of a drug charge by yourself. Navigating the criminal justice system is challenging in the best of times; doing it on your own only makes an uncertain situation more difficult. When you rely on the guidance of a Glen Burnie drug lawyer, you could expect the experienced legal guidance you need to obtain a favorable outcome in your case.

The list of controlled substances in Maryland is long, and it continues to grow each year. For Glen Burnie, suboxone clinics have become relatively common sight to combat the growing uptake of heroin users across the county. To get the help you need, reach out to a dedicated attorney.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

The most common drug charge in Glen Burnie is the possession of a controlled substance. State law categories every controlled substance into one of five drug schedules. These schedules vary, with schedule I containing the substances that are most addictive, while schedule V drugs do not have the same severe dependence issues. What’s more, schedule I drugs are less likely to have viable medicinal purposes compared to lower schedules. The five schedules include:

  • Schedule I (Maryland Criminal Law Section 5-402)
  • Schedule II (Maryland Criminal Law Section 5-403)
  • Schedule III (Maryland Criminal Law Section 5-404)
  • Schedule IV (Maryland Criminal Law Section 5-405)
  • Schedule V (Maryland Criminal Law Section 5-406)

The penalties associated with a conviction for possession of a controlled substance other than marijuana are capped at a maximum of four years behind bars. A conviction could also include a maximum fine of $25,000. These penalties could increase due to prior convictions for possession. Discuss the full array of penalties with a Glen Burnie drug attorney to better understand what is at stake.

Possession with Intent to Distribute

While possession charges are typically misdemeanors under state law, a charge of possession with the intent to distribute is treated as a felony. There are two theories a prosecutor could use to obtain a conviction for distribution. The first is by proving that a defendant actually dispensed or distributed a controlled substance to another person. This act does not have to be in exchange for money.

More commonly, however, these charges are based on the amount of a substance a person is alleged to have possessed. According to Maryland Criminal Statute Section 5-602, it is unlawful to possess a quantity of a controlled substance sufficient to distribute. In other words, the act of possessing a controlled substance could result in a felony charge based solely on the amount of the substance possessed.

Law enforcement is inconsistent in the way they approach distribution charges. In many cases, they overcharge a felony offense with the hopes of forcing a plea bargain on a lesser charge. A Glen Burnie drug attorney could work to reduce unfair charges when possible.

Contact a Glen Burnie Drug Attorney

If you are facing drug charges in Glen Burnie, an experienced attorney could provide you with your best chance of a favorable outcome. While prevailing at trial is never easy, it also not uncommon.

A criminal conviction could impact your quality of life forever. To take the first steps towards beating the charges against you, contact a Glen Burnie drug lawyer as soon as possible

An attorney could help you legally, but also provide the help you need to address any growing drug-related issues: from minor narcotics to hard substances like heroin.