Frederick Human Trafficking Lawyer

Human trafficking is a serious and growing problem around the world. Despite its global reach, human trafficking is an issue even in Frederick and throughout Maryland. These schemes target women and children and often involve a wide range of crimes. Given their infamy, many prosecutors aggressively pursue every allegation. In some cases, this zeal could result in an innocent person being charged due to a misunderstanding.

Given what is at stake, you should always speak with a practiced criminal defense attorney when you have been charged with trafficking. The penalties from a conviction are severe, and the damage to your reputation could last forever. A Frederick human trafficking lawyer could help you face down these allegations and get your life back.

Understanding Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is more than a complex crime; it is a complex, variable series of criminal acts. While human trafficking often involves a number of immigration law violations, it can also include anything from forced prostitution to kidnapping. Victims are often coerced into sex and recruited or taken under false pretenses.

Both the state and federal governments actively pursue these crimes. This means that it is possible to face prosecution from one or both of these entities based on the same events. A Frederick attorney could advise a person charged with human trafficking on what to expect as their case unfolds.

How Does State Law Define Human Trafficking?

The primary statute used in state human trafficking cases is Maryland Criminal Code Section 3-1102. This section outlaws a range of behavior, including taking any to a place for prostitution or housing them while waiting to do so. It is also unlawful to persuade or entice another person to go somewhere for the purposes of prostitution.

For many immigrants involved in trafficking, threats to their passport or immigration documents are a common threat. Without these documents, these people could face arrest or deportation. It is against the statute to destroy these documents or purported copies of these documents in an effort to force a person into prostitution.

What Are Some Penalties for Human Trafficking in Frederick?

A common question for most Frederick attorneys taking on human trafficking cases is what penalty should be expected. The potential penalties for human trafficking can vary. Human trafficking is often a misdemeanor with a maximum prison term of 10 years and a fine of at most $5,000. While it is unusual that this charge is a misdemeanor compared to other jurisdictions, the maximum penalty is no different from that for a felony in other states. That said, these penalties can go up dramatically if the alleged victim was a minor.

Trafficking involving a minor child is a felony under state law. If convicted, a person accused of trafficking a minor could face the combination of up to 25 years in prison and a maximum fine of $15,000.

In some cases, federal prosecutors might also bring charges of human trafficking. If they do, the potential penalties could be even higher. A local attorney could help a defendant pursue a reduction in charges or even a dismissal depending on the facts of the case.

Call a Frederick Human Trafficking Attorney

If you are facing arrest or charges of human trafficking, you are entitled to a legal defense. The police often pursue this charge aggressively, which can lead to innocent people facing arrest for a crime they did not commit.

If you have legal questions about what you can expect from the prosecution, a sit down with a Frederick human trafficking lawyer could prove beneficial. Call right away to get started.