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Soliciting someone for prostitution is a criminal offense. It can be difficult to know what to do when dealing with this type of charge, but you do not have to go through it alone. If you are facing these types of allegations, contact a Frederick solicitation lawyer right away.

Solicitation is a misdemeanor, but it is not a harmless offense. If convicted, you could end up serving a year in jail. Do not risk incarceration. Speak with an attorney who could help you fight these charges.

Solicitation Laws in Frederick

It is illegal to encourage or request someone to perform sexual acts or provide sexual contact in exchange for money. Additionally, a person could be charged for soliciting prostitution on behalf of someone else. For example, soliciting a prostitute for a friend could result in criminal charges. It does not matter if that individual had no intention of engaging in sexual activity with the prostitute or was not the one paying.

It is also possible to be sanctioned for unsuccessful attempts at soliciting someone for prostitution. This means that the person soliciting someone could still be charged even if the other party did not agree to perform the requested sexual acts for money. An attorney in the area with experience handling solicitation of prostitution cases could explain the specific activities that may result in being arrested for these offenses.

Offenses Related to Solicitation of Prostitution

State law prohibits several other offenses related to soliciting a prostitute, such as assignation and prostitution. Assignation is described as the act of encouraging someone to make an appointment for prostitution. Pimping, another criminal act, is defined as profiting from someone else engaging in prostitution.

Additionally, it is illegal for an individual to allow a building that they have control over to be used for prostitution or assignation. This means a person cannot knowingly permit someone to use their property as a place where others can come to commit or solicit prostitution.

The penalties for these related offenses can be just as severe as sanctions for solicitation. A local solicitation attorney could explain these related offenses and build a defense based on the facts of the case.

Sanctions for Committing Solicitation

Individuals found guilty of committing this crime could receive a fine of up to $500 or face time in jail. In some cases, a judge may impose both a fine and a jail sentence on the defendant. The maximum jail term for a person charged with solicitation of prostitution or assignation is one year.

A lawyer in Frederick could help a defendant understand what factors, such as prior convictions, may contribute to the sanctions a person may face.

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Anyone charged with the solicitation of prostitution should retain a lawyer immediately. Proper legal counsel could help develop a defense strategy and protect the accused’s rights. One of our Frederick solicitation lawyers could help you fight the accusations made against you. If you have been charged with this crime or other related offenses, contact a lawyer at our firm today to discuss your case.