Frederick Driving Without a License Lawyer

Have you been charged with driving without a license in Frederick? If so, Maryland law carries stiff penalties for operating a motor vehicle without an appropriate license, including jail time and substantial fines. Do not risk losing your freedom and your future driving privileges. Talk with an experienced Frederick driving without a license lawyer to determine what your next steps should be.

What Constitutes Driving without a License?

As a Maryland resident, driving without a license means that you do not hold a current, valid Maryland driver’s license. If you are from out of state, driving without a license means that you have no driver’s license from your state of residency. You may also be charged with driving without a license if your driver’s license has been suspended, revoked, or expired.

Driving without a license should not be confused with failure to display your license. Simply forgetting your wallet and leaving your driver’s license at home will be charged as failure to display and is a less serious charge. Driving without a license on the other hand often comes with serious consequences making it important that a Frederick driving without a license lawyer is contacted as soon as possible.

Penalties for Driving Without a License

If a police officer pulls you over and you do not have a valid driver’s license, you may face serious charges including:

  • First Offense: Up to 60 days in jail and fines of up to $500
  • Second Offense: Up to a year in jail and fines of up to $500

Each offense also adds five points to your driving record. Driving with a suspended license incurs an immediate 12 points on your record. Accumulating points on your driving record can lead to higher insurance costs and difficulty obtaining the correct license in the future.

Defenses for Driving without a License

If you are facing a charge of driving without a license, you need the support and counsel of an experienced Frederick driving without a license attorney. In formulating your defense, your lawyer will listen carefully to each detail regarding the traffic stop and your reasons for driving without a license. To pull your vehicle over, a police officer must have reasonable suspicion that can be clearly articulated to the court. Your Frederick driving without a license lawyer may challenge whether the officer had reasonable suspicion, depending on the facts of your particular case. Your lawyer may also be able to argue that you did not know you were driving without a license (if, for example, your license had expired without your knowledge).

Obtaining a valid driver’s license before your court date also may decrease your ultimate sentence. Taking the time and effort to get the appropriate driver’s license shows responsibility and may help to resolve the situation favorably. To discuss the specifics of your charge and possible defenses contact a Frederick driving without a license lawyer.

The Importance of Working with a Lawyer

Driving without a license is a serious offense in the state of Maryland. An experienced Frederick driving without a license lawyer in Maryland can help you understand your options for an effective defense and may be able to have sentencing reduced or charges dropped. Your lawyer will also give advice as to what steps you can take to present a persuasive case in the courtroom.

Therefore, if you have been stopped by the police and charged with driving without a license, your first step should be to contact a local Frederick lawyer. Serious legal representation can make a big difference in the battle for your rights and your freedom. Call today.