Columbia Drug DUI Lawyer

A drug DUI charge is one that should be taken very seriously. An individual charged with a drug DUI can face more than just fines, license suspensions, and jail time. The accused can encounter hardships in their daily life including the loss of employment, inability to gain future employment, strained relationships, and much more.

In order to minimize any potential setbacks, it is incredibly important to make sure you hire an experienced Columbia drug DUI lawyer, who can help to serve justice for your case and lessen any potential burdens that a drug DUI charge may place on you and your family.

Columbia Drug DUI Charges

Drug DUIs are not as common as alcohol related DUIs in Columbia, but they are slowly on the rise. The uniqueness of a drug DUI is the fact that they are difficult to both discover and prove. An officer standing roadside finds it difficult to determine that an individual is under the influence of a drug, unless there is something particular such as an odor of marijuana, to suggest that they could be under the influence. Many drugs, however, do not have a distinguishable odor, and if put away it is much less likely they will be found.

Circumstances of a Charge

A driver under the influence of drugs is not always assumed to be driving under the influence of an illegal drug. It can include being under the influence of prescribed medication, over-the-counter medications for cold and allergies, and other substances that can cause drowsiness. Driving in a way that suggests impairment can gain the suspicion of an officer. This may result in the accused being charged with driving under the influence of a drug, either legal or illegal. A Columbia drug DUI Lawyer can help to ensure any individual is represented strongly in any sort of drug DUI case.

Frequent Substances Associated with Drug DUIs

Alcohol is the impairing substance that most people are informed about, but other substances both legal and illegal could result in being charged with a DUI. Drug related offenses are on the rise, as the use and distribution of marijuana become legal in some jurisdictions. In turn, this makes the use of marijuana much more common.

The most common drug in Maryland right now is heroin. There has been a declaration by Governor Hogan that Maryland is in a state of emergency due to the rampant use and abuse of heroin. This substance could, of course, result in a drug DUI charge. Other common drugs that can trigger an under the influence charge are those that have warnings on the labels indicating that one should not be driving while taking them. These includes drugs such as Oxycontin, Xanax, Tylenol Three, and Nyquil.

The question that the state is tasked with answering is whether or not the accused is far enough under the influence to put the public safety at risk. An experienced Columbia drug DUI attorney can assist in making this difficult for the prosecution. There are some that suggest that marijuana is not a substance that can be classified as bringing someone under the influence, although the study on that issue is still pending.

Level of Priority

Drug DUIs are not any more important than any other type of DUIs. It would, however, be difficult for law enforcement to prioritize drug DUI cases because of the amount of resources that would need to be expended. It is difficult to prove, given that there are not as many markers for drug-related DUIs to be widely recognized. Making that determination requires a drug recognition expert to report to the scene, and a blood sample is taken. Law enforcement does not prioritize one type of DUI stop over another. If an officer believes that an individual is under the influence, the officer will stop them. No matter the charge, a Columbia drug DUI lawyer should be consulted for any and all possible avenues of justice.