Columbia Speeding Lawyer

While getting a speeding ticket initially may seem to be a minor issue, it has consequences that go beyond just paying a relatively expensive ticket.

When a speeding ticket combines with other traffic tickets and minor driving-related offenses, points on your driver’s license assessed by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Association (MVA) could quickly add up, which might result in suspension of your driver’s license. Even a single speeding ticket is likely to increase your motor vehicle insurance rates. Defending yourself in court against speeding tickets may be easier if you have a Columbia speeding lawyer on your side. A diligent defense attorney could help you avoid points on your license and any resulting long-term consequences.

The Process of Challenging a Speeding Ticket

Individuals who receive a speeding ticket or a ticket for another minor traffic violation have the choice of appearing in court to challenge the ticket or simply paying the ticket and admitting guilt. Those who choose to pay the ticket without appearing in court automatically have the requisite number of points assessed to their driver’s licenses, which accumulate over time. If individuals have too many points assessed within a certain period of time, there are additional penalties that may apply to these individuals.

Those individuals who want to challenge a speeding ticket in court, perhaps to avoid accumulating too many points on their license or to prevent increases in motor vehicle insurance, must go to court about the ticket. If individuals feel that the ticket was issued wrongfully, they could present their side of the story and request that the judge dismisses the case against them. Police officers who issue tickets must show up to court in these circumstances; if they do not appear in court to support the ticket, the judge may dismiss the case.

If the judge does not dismiss the case, then the ticket will stand as issued and the individuals will be ordered to pay fines for the ticket and points automatically will be assessed to their driver’s licenses. A Columbia speeding lawyer could help you gather evidence and build a case to challenge a speeding ticket.

Fines, Points, and Driver’s Licenses

Every time individuals receive a speeding ticket or a ticket for another minor traffic violation, not only must they pay fines, but they also accrue points on their licenses. Certain other criminal offenses, such as DUI, also add points to individuals’ licenses, in some cases whether they are convicted or merely arrested for the criminal offense.

Due to the potential implications of points being assessed to individuals’ licenses, consulting a speeding attorney in Columbia first may put individuals in a better position to fight their speeding tickets. According to Md. Code Reg. §, the number of points assessed for a speeding ticket depends upon how much over the speed limit individuals were driving at the time that they received the speeding ticket. A ticket for driving one to nine miles over the posted speed limit results in one point being assessed to a driver’s license, to a maximum of five points being assessed for driving 40 miles or more over the speed limit.

Perhaps one of the worst things that individuals could do after receiving a speeding ticket is to ignore it. Individuals who do not pay the ticket, respond to the ticket, or appear in court within 30 days will automatically be found guilty of the offense, and the MVA will suspend their driver’s licenses. individuals should carefully consider their options when they receive a speeding ticket by consulting a speeding lawyer in Columbia.

Contacting a Columbia Speeding Attorney Before Paying a Ticket

Depending on your circumstances, you might not be able to afford the fines and points that arise from a speeding ticket. You may need to contact a Columbia speeding lawyer, who could help you evaluate the options that may be available to you. Do not risk having your license suspended as a result of too many points on your driver’s license or failing to respond to a speeding ticket. Contact a skilled traffic defense lawyer, who may be able to assist you in building a defense to your speeding ticket.