Columbia Traffic Lawyer

The Code of Maryland’s transportation article describes the rules of the road, to which all drivers must adhere or risk a citation for a traffic violation. Citations are often associated with paying a fine and having points added to your driving record. A Columbia traffic lawyer could help you contest a traffic citation and possibly have the associated penalties reduced or eliminated.

Drivers sometimes believe it is best to pay the ticket for a traffic violation and forget about it. However, paying the ticket amounts to pleading guilty to the traffic violation and having points added to your driving record. If you accumulate several points within a brief time, your driver’s license could be suspended or possibly revoked.

Do not stand for this, especially if your job requires you to commute along highway 29 and surrounding roadways. Talk to an attorney who could help today.

Speeding Violations in Columbia

Drivers must adhere to posted speed limits while driving throughout Columbia. Exceeding the maximum speed limit could result in law enforcement officers issuing a speeding ticket, accompanied by a fine and points on the driving record. The law permits law enforcement officers to determine a driver’s speed through a number of methods, including radar and pacing.

The amount of the fine for speeding increases as the number of miles per hour over the speed limit increases. For example, the fine for speeding up to nine miles per hour over any posted speed limit is $80 but increases to $290 when exceeding a posted limit of 65-70 mph by 20 to 29 miles per hour. Additionally, the fines are higher for speeding through school zones and highway work zones.

Common Areas Officers Patrol

Among the many areas in the Columbia area, route 29 and the Columbia Mall are frequently patrolled by officers looking for people who are speeding.

Other Possible Traffic Violations

In addition to being cited for speeding, a person could receive a ticket for a number of other traffic violations in Columbia, including:

  • Following too closely
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Driving through a red light
  • Reckless driving

Individuals who are issued a citation and fine for any type of traffic violation in Columbia, route 29, or the surrounding shopping centers around Columbia Mall could benefit from speaking to a Columbia traffic attorney prior to paying the associated fine. An attorney could provide assistance contesting any tickets for which there are valid legal grounds to do so.

Sanctions for Traffic Violations

Many traffic violations in Columbia are associated with a monetary sanction and points accumulating on the driving record when a ticket is issued. The amount of the fine and number of points issued might differ depending on the specific traffic violation. Further, if the traffic violation leads to an accident, the amount of the fine and the number of points issued both increase.

As an example, the sanctions for failing to stop at a red light include a $140 fine and two points added to the driving record. If the violation resulted in an accident, then the fine increases to $180 and three points are added to the driving record. Accumulating an excessive number of points on the driving record within a short time could result in suspension of the driver’s license.

For the more egregious offenses, a driver could face five points added to their license for reckless speeds or movement. For “aggressive” driving, a driver could face six points added to their license.

Consult with a Columbia Traffic Attorney Today

Speak with a Columbia traffic lawyer before you pay the fine for your traffic ticket. The court equates paying a fine to pleading guilty, which could affect your driving record.

An attorney who handles traffic violations could determine how best to contest your traffic ticket and fight to have any associated penalties reduced or eliminated, if possible. Speak with a traffic attorney in Columbia about your ticket right away.