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From a legal perspective, sex crimes are hard to define; however, most legal professionals refer to any crime involving forced sexual contact as a sex crime. If a person is accused of a sex crime, they can face a variety of harsh penalties, and for some, the social ostracism that comes with a sex crime conviction is too overwhelming to bear.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with any type of sex crime, there may still be hope. You may be able to defend yourself against the charges you are facing with the help of a Columbia sex crimes lawyer, even if the prosecution has evidence. It may still be possible to get your charges dismissed or reduced with the help of an experienced and skilled attorney.

What is a Sex Crime?

A seasoned Columbia sex crimes lawyer may be able to help their defendant defend themselves against a variety of charges. All sex crime charges are not equal, and those involving children or repeat offenders will be punished the most harshly.

Since the term sex crime is so loosely defined, attorneys may be able to help a person defend against charges such as rape, indecent liberties, prostitution or solicitation, distribution of child pornography, and online enticement.

Sexual battery, which is defined as having sexual contact with a person incapable of giving informed consent is also prosecuted aggressively, as is sex trafficking. There has been a recent rise in cases involving the trafficking of individuals, in particular, young girls, for the purpose of prostitution.

For this reason, the government has started to crack down on the practice and punish anyone suspected of sex trafficking, even those who unaware their sexual partner is being trafficked.

Defending oneself against a sex crime charge is nearly impossible without the right legal representation. As time progresses, law enforcement investigators will take their time to build a case against the accused person, and if the prosecutor believes there is enough evidence, they will choose to bring a case against the accused.

Prosecuting Sex Crimes

The prosecutor will also examine witness affidavits, the criminal history of the accused, physical evidence, information from private investigators, and in some cases, polygraph results to build a case. Even if an accused person is innocent, law enforcement will still pursue evidence in hopes of getting them prosecuted and convicted. In other words, they will look for information that will implicate an accused individual. An accomplished lawyer could fight against a prosecutors claims.

Classifications of Sexual Offenses

There are four degrees of sexual offenses in the state of Maryland. First-degree offenses involve forced vaginal intercourse, and they are typically considered to be the most severe. Second and third-degree offenses involve the use of force, but do not include offenses that involve penetration.

Individuals who allegedly commit crimes involving the mentally or physically disabled are charged with second and third-degree offenses. Fourth-degree offenses are considered the least serious by the courts, but a conviction for a fourth-degree conviction can still ruin the life of the convicted.

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If you are currently facing sex crime charges, it would be a wise choice to retain legal representation. Without representation, you risk being convicted of a serious crime and possibly serving time in prison. No one wants to face such an outcome, but with the right attorney on your side, it may still be possible to get even the most serious charges reduced or dismissed.

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