Sexual Violence and Harassment in College Park Schools

College provides young adults with many academic, social, and extracurricular opportunities. Amidst all the exciting possibilities, there is also the potential for unfortunate incidents. Sexual violence and harassment in College Park schools can lead to serious repercussions for those facing allegations.

Students accused of committing sexual violence, harassment, or another Title IX violation are likely to face a campus disciplinary committee. If found guilty, a young adult could face suspension or expulsion from school. A dedicated Title IX attorney could provide essential legal guidance for students dealing with sexual misconduct allegations.

Sexual Harassment and Title IX Law

Sexual harassment can include a variety of unwanted behaviors. Common examples of this type of offense include:

  • Making repeated lewd comments to a classmate
  • Sending unsolicited sexual images to another person
  • Distributing sexual photos of a past partner without their permission
  • Repeatedly showing up uninvited at another student’s dorm or place of employment

Sexual harassment is a violation of federal law. Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 mandates that any school receiving federal funding must investigate and punish sexual misconduct, including harassment.

Accused students must face a school disciplinary committee at a code of conduct hearing. If the claims against the accused person can be verified, the school must take action. Students found guilty of the allegations could face various consequences, such as suspension or expulsion, that can adversely impact their academic future.

Private schools that are not federally funded are not required to take disciplinary measures, but they are likely to investigate such claims. Most schools have a student code of conduct outlining expectations for student behavior, and sexual harassment is often considered a violation of that code. Students accused of sexual misconduct at a college or university in the area should contact a lawyer for assistance.

Assault and Other Sex Crimes at College Park Universities

Sexual violence is an unfortunate problem at many schools. This offense includes a variety of sex crimes such as:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual battery
  • Unwanted sexual contact

As a violation of both Title IX and most universities’ codes of conduct, students accused of sexual violence could be forced to face a disciplinary committee. Further, acts such as these are criminal offenses could result in charges and prosecution even if the school determines that an accused student is not guilty. An attorney could provide students with legal representation during disciplinary hearings and criminal proceedings after being accused of sexual violence.

Talk to a Lawyer About Sexual Violence or Harassment Allegations at a College Park School

Acts of sexual violence and harassment happen in many colleges and universities. However, not every student accused of an offense is at fault. If you are facing sexual misconduct claims, speak with a lawyer who regularly handles cases involving sexual violence and harassment in College Park schools.

An attorney can help you prepare for any school investigative hearings or represent you in a criminal trial. Contact our firm as soon as possible to schedule a free case consultation and begin building your defense.