College Park Student Defense Lawyer

If the government accuses a student of committing a crime, there may be more at risk than their freedom. An educational institution may also start disciplinary proceedings. A university may take away a student’s scholarships or other financial aid if accused or convicted of criminal misconduct. College is generally a special time in a person’s life. It is important to protect that time and the educational process in the event that the school or government is threatening someone’s chance to finish their education and start a new future. A person who is concerned about consequences relating to any potential criminal charges may want to obtain the legal services of a College Park student defense lawyer.

A skilled injury lawyer could examine a person’s case and potentially provide legal representation in court. Without legal counsel, a person’s education could be in jeopardy. Schedule an appointment today.

Disciplinary Hearing in College Park

Students may not be aware of this fact, but educational institutions may often have their own hearings to determine what should happen to a student accused of committing a crime while attending school. Universities could ask students to sign a code of conduct agreement when they are accepted to a university. If the school accuses a person of violating the code of conduct, the school may sanction the student and issue various punishments, including expulsion.

A student who is aware that their school may hold a disciplinary hearing may be entitled to have a lawyer present. A lawyer may be able to advocate for the individual and articulate the student’s side of the story. They may also help refute potential claims brought by the school. A negative outcome at a disciplinary hearing may lead to a student losing a scholarship, being suspended, or expelled.

Common Types of Student Misconduct

College is often a time of self-discovery and testing of boundaries. Students may experiment with sex, drugs, and alcohol. Sometimes young adults from good families may face accusations related to sex crimes or substance abuse which may seem inconsistent with their character.  Law enforcement may accuse students of committing any crime, though, including terrorism or violent crimes. Such allegations could significantly damage a person’s reputation and potentially their future employment opportunities. A student defense attorney in College Park could make efforts to ensure that a student’s future is protected.

Potential Consequences of a Conviction in University

If the government convicts a student of committing a crime, that conviction may have immediate effects on the student’s future. Some penalties may include:

  • Being sent to prison
  • Being subject to fines
  • Being put on probation
  • Losing their driver’s license
  • Being forced to take rehabilitative classes
  • Being kicked out of student housing
  • Having a permanent reprimand on their school record
  • Having a job offer withdrawn

Working with a skilled defense lawyer could help a student avoid these harsh penalties.

Speaking with a College Park Student Defense Attorney

When an educational institution or government entity accuses a student of criminal misconduct, it may be greatly beneficial for an accused person to understand both the criminal procedure of the justice system as well as the educational disciplinary process. A College Park student defense lawyer could advise a person on the laws related to the criminal matter, but may also be able to guide them through the university’s disciplinary hearing process. Reach out to a skilled attorney today.