Alcohol and College Park Title IX Investigations

Going to college can be an exciting time. However, the freedom associated with leaving home could prompt students to engage in risky behavior. Student gatherings that involve alcohol can lead to instances of sexual misconduct and subsequent Title IX investigations.

If you have been accused of committing inappropriate sexual acts, you should contact a lawyer who handles cases involving alcohol and College Park Title IX investigations. Call our office today to speak with a knowledgeable Title IX attorney.

Campus Title IX Investigations for Sexual Misconduct

Title IX of the Federal Education Amendments Act of 1972, initially prohibited schools from engaging in discriminatory practices based on a person’s sex but has since been expanded to include protections against sexual misconduct. Under this law, any educational institution receiving federal funding is required to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct on campus. This includes instances of sexual harassment, stalking, cyberstalking, sexual assault, and rape.

Allegations of misconduct are to be investigated by a school disciplinary committee. If the accusations against an individual are proven to be true, the college must respond with an appropriate consequence, such as suspension or expulsion. A local attorney could support a student during a Title IX investigation involving alcohol.

How Alcohol Complicates Campus Title IX Inquiries in College Park

Alcohol consumption is prevalent on college campuses, especially during social gatherings. Unfortunately, students who are under the influence may have difficulty making decisions regarding consent.

Additionally, intoxicated students may not be able to recall the details of an alleged incident after it has passed. This makes campus investigations involving alcohol much more difficult than those in which all parties are sober.

It is important to note that intoxication is not a valid defense to sexual misconduct allegations. Though the presence of alcohol can make a Title IX investigation more challenging, a lawyer could help students protect their rights after being accused of misconduct.

Criminal Investigations Involving Alcohol and Sexual Misconduct

Allegations of sexual misconduct such as rape or assault may prompt a criminal investigation in addition to a school hearing. As with a campus investigation, the consumption of alcohol during the alleged offense is not an adequate defense in a criminal trial.

An accused student might also have a difficult time proving mutual consent for any sexual contact if they cannot completely recall the events that occurred. It is best to seek legal counsel when facing criminal charges for sexual misconduct following a school investigation for Title IX violations, especially if alcohol was involved.

Contact a College Park Student Defense Lawyer about Title IX Investigations Involving Alcohol

Many college students have bright futures ahead of them. The pressure and potential negative consequences of a sexual misconduct allegation could jeopardize those plans. If you have been accused of any inappropriate sexual acts, it is best to hire a skilled defense lawyer.

The attorneys at our firm have experience handling cases involving alcohol and College Park Title IX investigations. Our team could prepare a defense to combat any allegations made against you. Contact our firm today to learn more.