College Park Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes are considered some of the most heinous crimes in existence, and for this reason, law enforcement and the legal system takes them very seriously. If you or someone you know has been accused of a sex crime, it may be beneficial to reach out to a College Park sex crimes lawyer if you need legal representation.

The penalties for those convicted of sex crimes can be harsh, and often, there is a barrage of social penalties associated with a conviction as well. If convicted, a person may not even be able to pass a basic background check or socialize with children again. Therefore, it may be essential for a defendant to reach out to a dedicated criminal attorney.

Types of Sex Offenses

Simply put, any crime that involves sexual activity can be considered a sex crime. Some of the most common sex crime charges involve rape, sexual harassment, sexual assault, child molestation, sex trafficking, and sexual battery (sexual activity with anyone incapable of giving informed consent.)

All of the previously mentioned crimes can have an immensely painful psychological impact on a victim, who will more than likely suffer for years after they are harmed.

Sex crimes are prosecuted harshly, and when a person is accused, the prosecution will utilize evidence collected by law enforcement agents, witness testimonies, and anything else they find useful.

Consequences of a Conviction in College Park

Without the help of a College Park lawyer, it can be difficult for anyone accused of sex crime to return to a normal life. There are numerous criminal and social consequences of a sex crime conviction, and even after one is released, the consequences can linger for a lifetime. Depending on the type of sex crime a person is charged with, they can face the following legal penalties:

  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Legal fines and fees
  • Difficulty finding employment and housing
  • Forced registration as a sex offender

If a person is already employed, they may lose their position, even if they are not actually convicted of a crime. Community ostracism can also be a barrier to living a normal life, and for many sex offenders, social isolation becomes the norm. For the previously mentioned reasons, those accused of sex crimes must take legal action to defend their rights and clear their name.

Sex Trafficking and Prostitution

In recent years, sex trafficking has become a major problem across the country, and for this reason, the state of Maryland harshly prosecutes anyone accused of trafficking others for sexual purposes. Sex trafficking is defined as kidnapping or holding a person against their will while forcing them to perform sexual acts for money or material gain.

Even if a person does not know the partner they had sexual contact with was trafficked, they can still face a variety of charges. Charges are even more severe if the person is a minor or believed to have been kidnapped, and often, jail terms can exceed ten years depending on the particular charge a person faces.

Prostitution is also illegal in the state of Maryland (and the vast majority of U.S. states as well). Penalties for prostitution range from community service to jail time, and as with other crimes in the same category, a conviction can have a multitude of personal consequences. Whichever sex crime an individual is facing, they should contact an accomplished lawyer immediately.

Contact a College Park Sex Crimes Attorney Today

If you are currently facing sex crime charges, you may still be able to get your charges reduced or completely dismissed. Without an attorney, you will more than likely be convicted, especially if your charges involve sexual activity with a minor. It is imperative to safeguard your rights during this very trying time.

Contact a College Park sex crimes lawyer at your earliest convenience.